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yes as long as there are not any other males or female bettas

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Q: Is it safe to put your male betta fish in a 29-gallon warm water freshwater tank with 2 Zebra Danios and 2 Silver tip Danios?
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Do albion zebra fish like a bit of salt water?

Do you mean albino zebrafish, as in zebra danios? If so, not at all! They are a freshwater fish.If they are not zebra danios, I can't find them by the name "albion zebra fish," and I haven't heard of them.

Are zebra fish saltwater fish?

Yes, also called lionfish.No. Zebrafish (also known as Zebra Danios, Danio rerio) are freshwater fish.

What fish mate with a glo fish?

Glofish are Zebra Danios (Brachydanio rerio) that have had a jellyfish gene added to them. So they can mate with other Zebra danios.

Do zebra danios get along with goldfish?

yes unless the zebra danio can fit in its mouth

Can zebra danios eat tetra color flakes?


How long are Zebra Danios pregnant for?

Zebra danios are not live-bearing fish, so they do not get pregnant. Instead, the female will lay eggs, and the male will fertilize them. The eggs will hatch about 2 days after being fertilized.

Where do zebra danios live?

i think they come from India or near there anyway

Will killifish do well with zebra danios?

No killifish like to nip at fins.

Are zebra danios vicious towards mollys or tetras?

Under normal circumstances zebra danios are not vicious towards anything. However if their diet is lacking in protein they could well do some fin nipping of any other slower moving fish.

How do you breed glofish?

GloFish are a patented product and breeding is restricted by law. GloFish are genetically engineered zebra danios. Breed them will not produce GloFish that are true to color. They will look like regular zebra danios. They are egg layers. If you have males and females together you will get fry.

Can you have a platy and 2 mystery snails and 3 zebra danios in a 10 gallon tank?

That tank setup is fine. In fact, you could even add 1 or 2 more zebra danio(s). It is recommended that danios live in a shoal of at least 5.

Can a zebra danio eat betta fish food?

Yes. Danios aren't picky eaters.

Which breeds faster zebra danios or guppies?

id say guppies, they breed like rabbits

Will a Siamese fighter eat zebra danios and neon tetra?

No, the Siamese fighter shouldn't bother them.

Are glo fish zebra fish just with different color?

Glofish are genetically modified Zebra Danios. Yes they are exactly the same species as Zebra Danios, just have been modified in laboratories to be all those different colours. They are technically a copyrighted product of the science industry and, because of their GM status, are illegal in many countries!

What kind of freshwater fish does walmart sell?

Each Wal Mart will vary in stock a bit, but in general they all have goldfish, bettas, and plecostomous. Most will also have some sort of guppy, zebra danios, tetras (I've seen mostly neon tetras in particular), and many carry GloFish (zebra danios that have been modified to fluoresce). Wal Marts will typically have some live plants and snails or ghost shrimp for sale as well.

How many eggs to zebra fish lay?

Presuming you mean Zebra Danios, over 100. They are egg scatterers and will eat their own eggs if the eggs are exposed!

Where do fish get there glow?

Glofish are really Zebra Danios that have had a jellyfish gene added artificially to make them glow.

How do you care for a zebra fish?

Zebra Danios should live in a shoal of at least 6 fish, they are tropical (warm water), and should be fed tropical fish foods

Do female zebra danios have more of an arch to their spines than males?

There should be no "arch" to any Danios back whether it be male or female. An "arch" in the back is a genetic spinal deformity cause by inbreeding.

What country did zebra mussels come from?

The Zebra mussel is a mollusc that is native to freshwater lakes in Russia.

How big do zebra danios get?

They are small fish. They grow up to be 1 and 3/4 inches long. (Head to tail)

What family is a zebra mussel in?

Zebra mussels belong to the family Dreissenidae. These are freshwater bivalve mollusks. Despite their name, zebra mussels are not true mussels.

Do rope fish eat zebra danio fish?

Ropefish are not very fussy eaters. If the danios will fit in the ropefish's mouth, it will eat them.

What type of fish are Glow fish?

They are "Brachydanio rerio" aka Zebra Danios that have had a jellyfish gene added scientifically to make them glow.

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