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Doing that -- what some people humorously call the "bum's rush" -- is a bad idea. The membranes of the colon are pretty fragile. It only takes 2-3 pounds of pressure to rupture the colon. If you wish to experience that -- many people do because it can cause sexual arousal -- buy some enemas at the drug store. An enema is a pre-mixed water/soap solution in a soft plastic bottle, and it has a long soft tip to insert into your anus. If you do it for fun, don't make a habit out of it, because it will change your normal bowel-movement schedule.

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yes turn it on slow

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How do you turn a bathtub spout into a handheld shower?

Replace the spout with one that has a place to attach the hose for the hand held.

How often to water zucchini?

Water your plants every day. with a hose cap that can give you the impression of a shower. you can also by a sweat hose that you turn the water in and it wates it in drops all day turn it off in the evening.

How can you fix a shower valve that has great pressure to the tub but very low pressure to the shower head?

First, remove the shower head and test the valve. If you have plenty of water at the shower with the head removed, then the problem is a clogged shower head. Clean it or replace it. What the hell...just replace it. You deserve it. Go buy one of those cool shower massage heads to replace it. If you discover you have poor flow at the head with the shower head removed, then you have a blockage in your valve. So you buy a 1/2 (female pipe thread) x Hose Thread adapter. Put that on the arm for your shower head. Turn off the water to the house. Borrow a neighbors hose and run it through a window and connect it to the shower head (hose thread adapter). Now take the hose off your washer box and drop the hose into the drain hole. Now turn on the water. The water from your neighbor will allow you to backflush that valve. The debris will backflush and wash out through your laundry hose on down the drain. If that doesn't work, then yes, you probably need to replace the entire valve. (I'm assuming your already taken the cartridge apart and cleaned it) == = Is your tub spout still running alot of water through it when you use the shower? If so replace spout, if three valve, replace center diverter. If that is all ok, Then yes take off shower head and see if you have the pressure, if so install new shower head and or clean. If not head, then screw on .5 x hose adpt. to the shower arm, you will have to have one washer hose to connect to your outside faucet then to your garden hose which will connect to the shower arm. Leave faucet hot and cold water off, turn on outside faucet all the way, this will let the water go through the valve and out the spout. If this does not work replace faucet.

How do you turn on the shower for a delta shower?

pull it or twist it

How do you turn on the shower on a Delta shower?

You twist the knob.

How do you replace a shower spout?

i would advise that you get some Teflon tape at the hardware store this will help seal the screws so water doesn't leak out when you turn it on. 1. first you need to unscrew the shower head off.2. then wrap the screw threads in the Teflon tape(this part can be a little tricky and if you know anything about telfon you can quess why).3. then just srcew they new shower head on but make sure you do it nice and tight. that's for your standard shower head but if you have one of those hose shower heads there some extra steps and a lot more teflon. 1. do steps 1-2.2. then but on the base that holds the shower head. 3. then wrap teflon on the part of the hose that goes in the base.4. put hose in base.5. attach hose to head then put head in base holder. That how you but on a new shower head.

How do you get water pressure on virtual families?

You have to buy the waterproof tape and put it on the hose next to the living room and the shower or sink has to be on while you have an adult tape it or it won't work. It's easier then it seems. 1. buy waterproof tape 2. turn on the shower 3. put the tape on the hose next to the living room. 4. put someone on the tape.

What direction do you turn the hose to disconnect it from the outside faucet?

Turn hose connection at outside faucet counter-clockwise to disconnect.

How can individuals help save water resources?

Don't let the water run when you brush your teeth, and use a broom to sweep your sidewalks instead of using the water pressure from the garden hose. Don't shower daily if you don't have to, and turn OFF the shower water while you 'lather up'...

How do you get on top the shower on poptropica?

turn the hairdryer up a little you float in the air and you land on the shower

What should you do if your dog is afraid of rainshowers?

get it in a tub or shower and turn on the tap,not the shower pour water on it so its not scared then turn on the shower if its still scared keep it in with water on and simulate (fake) some thunder then it should be ok

What can you do to help nearby bodies of water?

Connect a hose to your faucet and turn it on, put the hose in the water.

How do you boot windows 98 in Safe Mode?

you turn the computer off and when u turn it on press Safe mode. you turn the computer off and when u turn it on press Safe mode.

Why is your shower water turning your hair green?

Chlorine will turn hair green, but you shouldn't have chlorine in your shower.

Why the shower head still leaks when turn off the water?

The valve in the shower control needs to be renewed.

Does it smell when you smoke in the shower?

It will not work to smoke while in shower as the water will turn off the cigarette or cigar.

Does your tongue go brown when you lick a anus?

It will not turn the color brown, but hopefully the anus is cleaned before performing anal oral sex.

Do you turn on the shower during washing your hair?


Why does the toilet tank hose leak?

The two common causes for a toilet tank hose leak are the threads and the hose itself. Turn the water off, unscrew the hose, and wrap the threads with Teflon tape available at any hardware store. Reconnect the hose and turn the water back on. It it still leaks, consider replacing the hose as it may have a hole in it.

How do you turn off Safe mode Kindle?

How to turn safe mode off on kindle

What do you do with the hair drier in shrink ray island?

use it to get into the shower Turn it on step over the edge go into shower

How do you use a shower?

Turn it on, step in, get wet. Turn it off, apply soap and shampoo. Step in, turn it on, rinse. Turn off, step out.

Small intestine leads to?

the colon, or large intestine, which in turn, leads to the anus.

How do you remove a heater hose from a 97 VW passat?

The 1997 VW heater hose has swivel nuts on each end of the hose. Turn the swivel nuts to the left to remove the heater hose.

Why are your feet red after taking a shower?

they turn red because your blood gets heated up with the water inside the shower

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