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This is good question for a medical doctor. Normaly it is safe,but if you have some other medical problems you may not be aware of, this could propose a problem. Better to be safe than sorry. Yes, you have to be very gentle with your baby, its easy to forget that there is a fully formed human being in there. Your baby could get physically injured and you could even loose your baby. It could also cause placental abruption.

2007-12-25 13:19:31
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Can you ride roller coasters if your 3 monthes pregnant?


Is it safe to ride roller coasters when two weeks pregnant?

It is never ultimately safe to ride roller coasters, especially when you have another human being in your stomach. Relax for those 9 months and don't do anything that's even slightly risky.

Can you ride on roller coasters when you are 12 weeks pregnant?

I'm not sure I've never tried... maybe you could try and then tell me

Can hobos ride on roller coasters while kissing a cat?

no, cats can't ride roller coasters

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to get on roller coasters?

No, that's why they have dozens of posted signs saying "Do not ride if you are pregnant"

How soon after c-section can you ride roller coasters?

on average ... 6 weeks

Can you use a trampolin while your pregnant?

Sure! You can also ride Roller Coasters too!

Can roller coasters cause early laor?

if you mean labor, dont ride a rollercoaster if you are pregnant

Can riding a lot of roller coasters cause a miscarriage?

It's possible. It's not recommended that you ride roller coasters while pregnant. All the physical instability from a roller coaster could potentiomally damage the fetus.

Who is not allowed to ride on a roller coaster?

Roller coasters have a couple requirements in order for you to be able to ride and be safe. Some people do not meet these requirements and are not allowed to ride. Most roller coasters have a minimum height that you have to be in order to ride. You also should be in good health (no heart problems or any serious medical issues) in order to ride. Also if you are pregnant you should not ride on a roller coaster.

How do roller coasters move throughout the ride?

Roller coasters move throughout a ride by being pulled or pushed along by a cable or pole.

How long do side effects last from riding a roller coaster?

the answer is DON'T ride roller coasters while pregnant.. NOT the smartest thikng to do at all.

What do goblins ride at a carnival?

Roller coasters

What is an amusement park ride that is affected by sliding friction?

Roller Coasters. roller coasters are affected by rolling friction (hence roller) not sliding

What are some words that describe Roller Coasters?

Roller Coasters are very tall and fast. To ride on them, it is both invigorating and mind-boggling.

Why do people like to ride roller coasters?

For thrill and fun

What is used to made a roller coaster?

Roller coasters are made from wood to metal depending on the ride.

Do you have to be over 18 to ride a roller coaster?

Not necessarily. There is usually a height limit for roller coasters.

Why cant skeletons ride roller coasters?

Cause they don't have guts.

Can you ride a roller coaster with acid reflux?

yes you may ride a roller coaster with acid reflux.

Is it safe to ride a roller coasters if you have diabetes?

It is not safe to ride rollercoasters if you have diabetes. It will increase your blood pressure.

How do you have to be to ride roller coasters in Six Flags?

Im confused, age or height?

How many roller coasters are named Batman the Ride that are outside of the US?


Why does your stomach tickle on roller coasters?

Negative G-Forces create that sensation, and you need to ride more coasters to get used to it.

Is it ok to ride a roller coaster before 1 month of being pregnant?

If there is a chance you will get bumped around and possible hit your tummy area, then no it isn't safe.AnswerBefore one month you probably won't even know you are pregnant so it is quite safe. If you did ride one and happen to miscarry it will have absolutely nothing to do with riding the roller coaster.Banging your tummy has nothing to do with it as the baby is not even out of the pelvis until 12 weeks along.AnswerMost roller coasters and amusement park rides have signs that state " Do not ride this ride if you are pregnant" Along with several other warnings. I would say NO it is not safe to ride these rides.