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only if you have installed the aftermarket heavy-duty recoil spring (Wolff springs) and the buffer is in good shape.

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2007-11-26 21:29:27
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Q: Is it safe to shoot Plus P 9mm ammo in the Marlin Camp Rifle?
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What is the age of this marlin serial number?

What is the age of my Marlin rifle if the serial number is 26,000,000 plus

What is the price on a firing pin for a jp Higgins model 44- 22 magnum?

Your rifle is a Marlin 25M. You can check with Marlin Customer Service, expect price to be AROUND $25 plus shipping.

What is value of marlin model 81-DL 22 cal rifle?

there is a marlin 81 dl on gunbroker rt now. priced at 165.00 plus 20.00 to ship,no photo so i don't know if peep sight is there. great rifle i have one and love it good luck

Is the Marlin 982VS a good 22 mag rifle?

Yes, its a great value for the price. I have one and have put about 2000 rounds through it without a single issue. I can shoot 2" groups at 150 yards, and I'm not really a great shot. Plus, the gun looks pretty mean with that thick stainless barrel. :)

Can you shoot a deer in city limits with an air soft rifle in South Dakota?

No. An airsoft rifle is not a legal weapon to use when hunting deer in South Dakota. It is also illegal to hunt on private land without permission plus it is illegal to shoot a firearm within 150 yards of a residence, building, campsite, or recreation area.

Need a clip for a model 42 coast to coast 22lr?

Your rifle is a Marlin Model 70. Most gun shops can get a magazine for you- the same magazine is used for several Marlin 22s. You can also order one for $18.60 plus shipping from the website for gunpartscorp. It is Product No. 438340A.

How do you determine the year a marlin model 336 was made?

The serial number plus the book on Marlin Firearms History by Brophy.

How much is a 30 plus year old Marlin Glenfield Model 20 22 caliber rifle worth?

my friend Lee got that same type of rifle on amozon for about 30 dollars(New) so you wont get much about 15-25 if you want i can buy it from you im kenny message me back thanks

How many shells will the magazine of a model 30aw marlin 30-30 hold?

Your marlin should hold 5 plus one in the chamber.

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