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Is it safe to sit in a hot tub while pregnant?


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It's not the best idea you could get ever heated and start cramping.


Only for very short periods of time, is what I have heard. If you are still unsure, call your doctor and talk the them. They will know your "case" better and be able to give you a better answer.


My best friend was pregnant and she loved to take hot baths. One time she had a hot bath and when she got out she passed out. I think it was a mix of both the hot water and high blood pressure. So be very careful. Her baby wasn't hurt but it could have been.

Although this can be very relaxing I wouldn't advise it. Speak to your doctor. He or she may be able to provide more detailed reasons to why you shouldn't.


You should not sit in a hot tub when pregnant because it causes the body temperature to rise quickly, which can be dangerous to the baby.


I found out I was pregnant two weeks before a vacation. I didn't know that it was dangerous to be in hot tubs or very hot baths. I ended up having a miscarriage at 8 weeks ... I feel (although it isn't proven) that the hot tub that I used many times on my vacation contributed to my miscarriage. Since then, I have read that hot tubs should not be used by pregnant women.


I just wanted to add to this. I took one bath that was really felt so relaxing & before I knew it, I'd been in for a little too long and had a tough time staying awake. I was about 18 weeks pregnant and found out soon after that the fetus had died. There's not a day that I don't kick myself for not being more careful. I believe even one time can be harmful & it's not worth the risk.


At my first doctors visit after finding out I was pregnant, this was one of the first things they told me. Do not take hot baths. The nurse recommended not to take baths at all, but if I did, to only use lukewarm water. I know that sometimes the urge to lay in a relaxing hot bath and relieve the aches and pains caused by pregnancy is tempting. But please don't, it is very harmful to the baby. I have very curly thick hair and take a long time to wash it in the shower because I leave in my conditioner for many minutes. I ofter find myself even cutting my showers short because I become short of breath and get light headed. I recommend that for the safety of you any your baby, you use only warm water whether taking a shower or a bath.


Ok people obviously sitting in a hot tub too long isn't healthy for anyone, that's why by law they turn off every 20 minutes. It seems to me that a digitally controlled hot tub at 100 degrees ( barely over your standard core temperature) is a little safer than using your hand to measure "luke warm" water in a bath tub.

American Pregnancy says don't let your core get over 102.2 degrees so don't set the hot tub that high. Pretty sure water birthing is done in near body temperature water so a 100 degree hot tub can't be too unreasonable if used with common sense. The biggest risk is probably falling while getting into the tub.


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