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I've been taking concerta and paxil for over 10 years, and I'm just fine. I want to get off the concerta, since I think it's starting to get to my heart. I switched to vyvanse and paxil, but quickly stopped after learning the mix could cause some major mental issue.

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Can you take Paxil and fioricet together?

is it safe to take fioricet with paxil

Is it safe to take Paxil with methadone?


Are hydrocodone and Paxil safe to take together?


Is it safe to take Zoloft while taking Concerta?

I am not a doctor but I'm pretty sure it's safe to take concerta with zoloft. I take both medicines with the highes dosage of each that is available.

Is it safe to take benadryl allergy pills with Concerta?


Is it safe to take Concerta and abilify together?

yes, although the abilify might dull the concerta a lil bit

Is it safe to take Paxil and Topamax together?

YES. I have been on both Paxil and Topamax together for at least two years. There are no interactions.

Is it safe to take fat burners if taking Paxil?

no its not safe in fact no offense it sounds like a stupid thing to do

Is Celexa and Concerta safe to take together?

you should be asking professionals not people on here

Is it safe to take Paxil and a pain medication?

Yes, I have been on paxil for years, I also have been on allot of pain killers. everything from aspirin, Tylenol, Vicodin, and morphine.

Is it safe to take zoloft and serequel and trilptol and Concerta during pregnancy?

These are not advised during pregnancy.

Can you take Aleve with Concerta?

im not positive. but i have before. ive taken aleve concerta and NyQuil all at once. no problems from what i saw. be safe and call a doctor though.

Can you take Paxil and robaxin together?

Can you take paxil and muscle relaxant together

Can you take hydrocodone with Paxil?

Not sure if you can mix these, But I'm getting ready to find out. I take paxil and vistaril for ptsd and anxiety. I know it's safe to mix it with vistaril, But we shall see in a few minutes. I'll keep you posted

Can you take hydrocodone and Paxil together?

I am trying to find a med that I can take for pain along with paxil

Is it safe to mix Ritalin with Paxil?

Yes but with a lowered dose of Paxil. Each day I take 60mg of Ritalin and 5mgs of paxil and I am fine but that being said you really have to be monitored and under the care of a good doctor or psychiatrist. When taking any psychiatric medication you have to be monitored.

Can you take Concerta and Dayquil or NyQuil together?

What over the counter cold medications can you take with Concerta?

Can you take Paxil and Ativan at the same time?

Yes. It is perfectly safe to take both Paxil (Paroxitine) and Ativan (Lorezapam) at the same time. i was prescribed both these meds for my anxiety and depression and have been taking them for 6 months.. they work great for GAD :)

Buspar and Paxil together?

can you take paxil and buspar together and what doses are recommended?

Is it safe to take Vyvanse and Concerta?

i have taken two 30 mg vyvanse i waited about 7 hours in between . I was wondering if i toom a 54mg concerta if it would be ok...any answers would help..thanks

Trying to get off Paxil and trying to get pregnant. I tried getting off Paxil slowly once and was down to 7 mgs a day but I couldn't take the side effects. Is it really dangerous to be preg on Paxil?

Studies have shown that taking Paxil while pregnant can cause birth defects and premature birth. Paxil also passes into breast milk, so it should not be taken while breast feeding, either. Talk to your doctor and see if there is something you can take to help with the side effects of getting off Paxil that will be safe for the baby.

How long does Concerta stay in your system for a drug test?

if you take concerta and stop and have to take a drug test two days later, will concerta show up at all.

Can you take NyQuil with Concerta?


Can you take Advil and Paxil together?

I talked to a pharamicst today about the same question because paxil and stress has been giving me terrible headaches, the pharamisct told me that advil would be alright to take with paxil but if i were you i would speak to the doctor that prescribed the paxil to you.

Can you take Advil with Concerta?

Yes, you can. Concerta - or 'methylphenidate' - does not interact with Advil in a negative way.