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Depends on how much you are taking. Nyquil has aceteminephen (sp?)in it too so you should see what the total dose is that you have taken. The Tylenol bottle should have a dosage chart on it with the 'maximum dose' you should ingest. Too much acetaminephen can damage your kidneys and/or liver. If you drink alcohol be sure to read the warning on both medicine packages. For sore throat pain I have better relief with Ibuprophen (Advil

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Q: Is it safe to take Tylenol for a sore throat and Nyquil for a cough at the same time?
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Is it safe to take NyQuil with Tylenol?


Is it safe to take Tylenol for a migraine and NyQuil for cold relief?

most NyQuil has Tylenol in it anyway. read the ingred. list

Is it safe to take Tylenol cough and sore throat while taking 75 mg of Effexor xr?

A doctor should be consulted before using Tylenol cough and sore throat while taking Effexor XR. Dextromethorphan in Tylenol cough combined with venlafaxine in Effexor increases the risk of serotonin syndrome which can be fatal.

Can you mix Advil liquid gels with NyQuil?

Yes, advil has ibuprofen in it, NyQuil has Tylenol and they are safe to take together.

Is it Safe to take Tynenol for Headaches and Nyquil for Cough at the same time?

Read the ingredients for the Nyquil, if it does not include acetaminophen then you can take it alongside a normal dose of Tylenol for headaches, if it does have acetaminophen and doesn't relieve your headache try adding half the dose of the Tylenol first and see if that relieves your symptoms. Your in no danger if you take a full dose of both, but excessive amounts of acetaminophen can theoretically cause complications.

What can you take for a cough when you are pregnant?

Tylenol cold and sinus, basically anything Tylenol makes for colds it is the only safe medicine when you are pregnant.

Is NyQuil safe to take if you take amitriptyline?

is it safe to take Nyquil with amitriptyline

What medications are safe during the first trimester of pregnancy for strep throat?

penicillin, amoxicillin, Tylenol

Can you take NyQuil and zantac?

Those two drugs would be safe together. Zantac is a stomach acid reducer called an H-2 Antagonist. Nyquil is a cold and cough medicine. Also, if you check the label, neither of them has the same thing listed as an ingredient.

Is it ok that you took Robitussin DM while pregnant?

I had a severe cough and sore throat i called my Obgyn to see what was safe to take i am 6 months pregnant... He told me it was safe to take robitussin Dm & Tynenol cold and synus... I hope this helps i was worried sick i would have to suffer through the cough and sore throat...

What cough medications can be taken during pregnancy?

Ask you Dr. before taking any kind of meds. during pregnancy , all I know that is safe is Tylenol.

Is it safe to use Tylenol pm?

yes, Tylenol pm is safe to use. i have used it before.

Can you take Tylenol with delsym?

is it safe to combine Tylenol with delsym

Is it safe to mix cocaine and Tylenol?

not if it's Tylenol p.m.

Is it safe to take Allegra D and Tylenol Sinus together?

is it safe to take tylenol and allegra-d

Is it safe to give children's Tylenol with delsym cough syrup?

Read the labels to make sure you are not doubling up on acetominophen [Tylenol ]. Too much is hard on a child's liver. Call any Pharmacisist [NOT the clerk] , they will be happy to advise you further.

Is it safe to take Tylenol PM and Celebrex?

it's safe to to take Tylenol pm but celebrex not so sure

Is Tylenol safe for your puppy to eat?

No, it isn't. Tylenol is toxic to dogs.

Is it safe to take Tylenol 3 during pregnancy?

just tylenol 1

Is it safe to take demerol with Tylenol?

if you take Demerol you certainly will NOT need tylenol

Is ibuprofen safe while pregnant?

no it is not safe, but you can take tylenol.

Is Tylenol safe with milk?


Is is safe to take Aciphex and NyQuil together?

I don't think i know the answer

Is it safe to take ibuprofen and NyQuil together?

yes small doses

Is it safe to take tylenol and benadryl together?

Yes. You can actually purchase Tylenol PM, which is simply Tylenol mixed with Benedryl.