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A B-Complex contains biotin. Take a decent B-Complex.

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yes it is.

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Q: Is it safe to take both b-complex and biotin?
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Is it safe take biotin and Glutathione pills at the same time?

Don't practice self medication. Ask your doctor for your safety.

How much biotin should you take?

The recommended dosage of biotin is 2.5 mcg. Biotin is a supplement often used to help strengthen hair and nails.

What oil is good to make your hair grow?

I recommend you take Biotin in pill form. Biotin is an excellent viatamin for the scalp

Can a 13 year old take biotin?


Can you take iron pills and biotin pills at the same time?

According to the pharmacist, I was told to take my iron and biotin tablets at least 2 or 3 hours apart as the iron 'sucks' up the goodness from the biotin and therefore makes it less useful to the body. I take my iron tables first thing in the morning ( on an empty stomach) so 1 hour before breakfast. I take my biotin about 3 - 4 hours later with lunch as it is recommended to take biotin with food so it absorbs better. I have just started the biotin a couple of weeks ago, so to early to tell results as yet; Hope this helps

Can a 13 year old take biotin pills?


How many tables do you take to come up with 400 mg of biotin if the biotin is listed 5000 mcg?

How about 12.5- you should switch to the 5000mgs.

Can you take biotin with warfarin?

Taking Biotin is only something you should take with Warfarin if you've been advised by a doctor to do so. There are medications that can interact with each other and cause significant problems.

What can you take to grow your hair?

Biotin. Found at drug and convenience stores.

Can you take Celexa and melatonin together?

The is NO medical contraindications to the taking of them both. It SHOULD be safe.

Is it safe to take Atenolol and Tylenol?

none they both suck

Is it safe to take suboxone and Valium?

yes i do And legaly prscribed both.