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I drank one beer and took two hydrocodone. I have a headache (kind of, its a different type of headache, kind of drowsy) And I have a stomach ache. I also combined those two with ibuprofen, Albuteral, and Marijuana. I think your going to be fine, considering I'm alive.

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It is advised to avoid alcohol when taking any form of medication.

Medication and alcohol can go two ways, depending on the medication type and the strength of the alcohol.

  • The alcohol will dissolve the medication and neutralise it, so it has no effect on the bodily healing or preventative process. This includes most contraceptive pills (hence why the rates of unwanted pregnancies are so high despite the woman taking contraceptives)
  • The alcohol could violently react with the medication and cause an overdose effect, which could harm or even kill the drinker.

See a doctor or pharmacist for professional advice. And read the information booklet that must come with medication by law.

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Q: Is it safe to take hydrocodone with beer?
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Is it safe to take niacin with hydrocodone?

yes, always take your vitamins

Is topomax safe to take with hydrocodone?

Yes. There are no interactions at all. The topamax should make you need less hydrocodone.

Is snorting hydrocodone safe while breastfeeding?

Snorting Hydrocodone is never safe...

Is it safe to take benadryl with hydrocodone chlorpheniram susp?

Type your answer here... yes

Is it safe to take percocet with hydrocodone?

It's only safe to take what your doctor has prescribed. I have never known of a doctor to prescribe both to be taken together.

Is it safe to take both hydrocodone and phenazopyridine hcl together for a UTI?

Yes but take half of the hydrocodone and only if you absolutely cant take the pain. I was just prescribed these by my doctor yesterday and I had the same question.

Is it safe to take hydrocodone with valtrex?

My doctor prescribed me with both at the same time telling me to take valtex teice a day and hydrocodone once a day, so I would assume yes.

Mix hydrocodone and SSRI?

It is perfectly safe to take Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors with hydrocodone. They do not interact or effect one another. SSRI's only affect the serotonin levels in your brain, hydrocodone blocks nerve receptors, which helps with pain. So any SSRI anti-depressant is safe to take with hydrocodone. Edit: I wouldn't say it is perfectly safe. Serotonin Syndrome can happen and isn't something you just brush off

Is safe to take hydrocodone and beastfeed?

I would recommend against it, the breastfeeding stage is vital in building up your babies immune system and hydrocodone would only hinder that process

Is Hydrocodone safe to take with Metoprolol?

Yes because I take Hyrocodone, Metoprolol, Promethazine, and Nexium for almost a year and I haven't had any adverse reactions to it.

How long do you wait till its safe to sleep after taking hydrocodone?

After taking Hydrocodone wait about 30 minutes to go to sleep. When the Hydrocodone kicks in you will feel it.

Can you take loratadine and hydrocodone togethrer?

I've done it before. They both relax me and I sleep really well. Good feeling too!