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Is it safe to tie yourself up?

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2011-06-23 01:24:59

Yes I think it is because it helps you get all of the anger out.

If you are mad at yourself you can tie yourself up to not let

yourself hurt anyone else. It is safe because if you tie yourself

up, YOU can always UNTIE yourself. Unless you use rubber cement or

something that you can get on but can't get it off. I personally

like to tie myself up in front of my MacBook Pro and look at a

whole slideshow full of Hot and Sexy Woman. It helps me get that

sexual feeling that I want and it also helps me feel like I am

being tortured my a lady. I do this every day I am mad at myself or

someone else that I want to hurt or kill them. The Hot and Sexy

ladies help me think that if I hurt someone, they will come and get

me and permanently tie me to a pole and leave me there to die and

in the process, have unwanted sex with me.

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