Is it safe to use H2O2 hydrogen peroxide to clean out your ears and is it harmful to pour it in your ears?

When I had a severe form of tonsilitis and an accompanying ear infection, which caused the bursting of my ear drum, my mother poured hydrogen peroxide in my ear. My hearing is normal now, it never hurt, it just fizzed and sounded funny. I believe it is perfectly safe. I wouldn't use alchohol, though. It can dry your skin out and sting. H2O2 can be used for the ears, as described above. It can be used to clean out open sores. It can also be used to gargle with. If its safe to gargle with, its okay for the ears. Its not meant to be ingested though. For the removal of ear wax, a wax softener is suggested. Murine has a good product which I have used before. See the link below. For water removal, mineral oil has been used for a long time. Swimmers ear or water in the ear can be treated with about 5 drops in each ear, individually for about 15 minutes each. ''Candleing'' has been used for centuries but health care professionals have disputed its effectiveness on removing any ear wax. See the related link.