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I doubt very much it will hold.

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Q: Is it safe to use permatex plastic weld on a car radiator?
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How can you repair a crack in your plastic radiator?

I had 2" crack on top of the radiator. I tried JB Weld and other similar putty but they did not work on plastic. I bought Permatex PermaPoxy™ 5 Minute Plastic Weld from Advanced Auto Parts for $7. It took 10 minutes to finish the job and it worked.

How do you repair a crack in a plastic radiator?

weld it with nylon rod using iron plastic welder.

How do you fix a plastic radiator leak?

By replacing the radiator. I've seen people use JB Plastic Weld and it only holds up for a few weeks.

How can you seal a crack in the plastic on top of the radiator on a Lexus es300?

Jb weld expoxy mix

Can a cracked plastic tank at the top of a radiator be fixed or must you replace the radiator?

Replace the radiator. Try JB Weld or JB Kwik Weld on the crack first -- you can pick it up for $4 and it is definitely worth a shot. I have tried the jb weld it didn,t work . I had to buy a new raditor ANSWER I work in a shop where we routinely replace the plastic tank. If you have to repair the plastic tank then do it from the inside. You can separate the tank from the core by carefully loosening the aluminum tabs holding it in place.

What type of glue is resistant to brake fluid?

JB Weld, Seal-All and some Permatex glues

How do you fix the plastic on a 1995 Corsica radiator?

sand the spot to be fixed and used some j b weld apoxy it's sold in walmart in the automotive area.let sit for 2 hours and you are good to go.Improvement done by sickofjunkJB weld is a great idea for a lot of things however getting it to bond to plastic will most likely never happen. That was the first thing i tried on my radiator too but i had no luck with it. To fix plastic on a radiator replace it that is the best way.Or buy a new one that always works out great

How can you weld nylon with plastic?

you melt it

How do you repair the plastic piping on the radiator that the upper hose clamps onto?

JB Weld? Drain fluid, make sure it's realllly dry. If it's cracked, smear JB weld or another epoxy compound that bonds to plastic, wait for it to cure (probably 4-6 hours), then refill fluid and see if it leaks at full operating temperature.

What are the safe working practices and procedures to be adopted when preparing the weld for examination?

One would want to clean their weld while preparing the welds for examination. Cleaning the weld is a safe working practice for welders.

How do you fix a hole in hard plastic then drill it?

JB Weld

JB weld on plastic parts of your radiator okay?

My experience would say no. It may last at first but road condition and depending what part of the radiator tank you put it on, you may be real upset on your trip to the mall or Saturday night out with friends and good old Mr. JB desides to retire