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I think it is, I have heard to put dish washing liquid on plants to keep some of the bugs away. However the grease and things from the dishes might not be good on the plants, and the grease may attract bugs.

it depends on what soap you use. look for eco soaps which are biodegradble, they may not be the best cleaning soaps but they wont harm your garden. beware from laundry soap water for it contains boron which is harmful for plants. one can use soapy water to kill bugs 'cos if coated by it it chokes them, it does not repel bugs in any way nor is the grease likely to attract any. zaf.

I did my own little study and I can say so far it does an exelent job all though the roots worry me they are blackish-green. I hope it's ok!

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Q: Is it safe to water outdoor plants with the dish soap water after doing dishes?
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