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If you tested too early, yes.. it's best to wait until your period is late before testing, if you have very regular cycles, and tested after you are late and got a negative, then you probably are not pregnant, you can ask your docotor for a blood test if you want a second opinion. ~pawsalmighty

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โˆ™ 2005-07-27 14:41:58
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Q: Is it still possible you could be pregnant if you went to a clinic and your pregnancy test was negative?
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You went to the clinic and took a pregnancy test and came out negative but its been a month in a half now and you havent got your period does that mean im pregnant or not?

sorry but i did not go to the clinic and i did not take a pregnancy test that came out negative but thanks for your question

Is it possible you are pregnant when you took one test it said positive then took another one and it was negative?

Yes, especially if you took the home pregnancy tests. Go to a clinic and have a blood test done.

Ive got the signs of being pregnant but the tests was negative?

Don't rely on home pregnancy tests, go to a clinic and do it properly.

Is it possible to be pregnant after a negative test and normal period if there is a medical condition present but you experience pregnancy symptoms?

I don't know what the medical condition is but if that can influence the test go to a clinic and test it for real. Home pregnancy tests are not always reliable.

You got two negative pregnancy tests have what you think is a slight period but you feel pregnant and have many symptoms HELP?

If you think you're pregnant and want help, go to a doctor or clinic.

Is it possible to be pregnant and still have your period?

It is possible to experience bleeding during early pregnancy. However a normal period like bleed is usually not related to pregnancy. Yes. though not common, you can still have your period while pregnant. Go to your doctor, health clinic, or take a pregnancy test to confirm. If you are pregnant, you will need prenatal care.

If taking two pregnancy test were positive but 3 were negative can you still be pregnant?

Get yourself to a clinic and take a proper test. The home preggo tests are not always to be trusted, especially if they say negative.

What is prenatal clinic?

A prenatal clinic is a medical facility, where pregnant women are seen, monitored and treated during their pregnancy.

How to check you are pregnant?

You should take a pregnancy test or go to a clinic or local planned parenthood for a pregnancy test

Even though you have had two negative tests you believe you are around 6 - 7 weeks pregnant This afternoon you got some light bleeding through your urine Is it possible for you still to be pregnant?

If you really belive that you are pregnant then I would go to your doctor or local clinic and get a blood test done. This should pick up any pregnancy.

What if you get a positive pregnancy test and than a negative one?

Take a blood test at a clinic to be sure.

If you miss your period for two months and it says negative on a pregnancy test can you still be pregnant?

If you have had sex it is possible you are pregnant, possibly you were not pregnant when you missed the first cycle but conceived later that month. If you don't get your period and the test still says negative, you should see your MD or Family Planning Clinic. Some woman stop having periods while using BCP, two negative tests in two months with no period, sounds like you are one of those woman. Talk to your doctor about this but it is very unlikely to be pregnant under these circumstances.

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