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The female. The female is the only one with a red stripe on its back; the male is small, brown and very inconspicuous.

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Witch spider is bigger the female or male spider?

In most cases, the female spider is larger than the male spider of the same species.

Is the female or male funnel web spider poisonous?

Both are extremely venomous, and will kill a human if a bite goes untreated.

What are the red back spiders habits?

The female spider barely leaves it web. The male leaves its web because it doesnt live long. If youre wondering why its because after the male and female mates the female eats the male spider. Because its not much use anymore for anything. The female spider barely leaves it web. The male leaves its web because it doesnt live long. If youre wondering why its because after the male and female mates the female eats the male spider. Because its not much use anymore for anything.

Is it a female spider or a male spider who makes spider webs?

Female spider. Both male and female spiders spin webs. However, upon maturity, the male spider is usually too busy trying to mate to be bothered with web-spinning.

Is a male spider bigger then a female spider?

No. In most cases, female spiders are bigger than male spiders.

How big is a female red back spider?

The female Redback spider is usually about 1cm long. The male is much smaller at only 3-4mm long.

Does a spider need a mate to lay eggs?

Yes. It takes a male and a female spider for the female spider to lay eggs. The male spider wraps his semen inside a ball of spider silk and deposits that inside the female. The female spider usually surrounds her eggs in a cocoon made of spider silk.

What is the roles of the female and male jumping spider?

U know female r more selfish than male. After makeing sex female spider thought that she is now powerful for live. No need male spidr. When female spider pregnant they could not go out for food. then they eat male spiders.

What is a male spider called?

Male and female spiders do not have specialized names like some other animals. Instead they are simply referred to by sex, such as male wolf spider or female black widow.

Are female animals more dangerous than males?

Yes. An example would be the female red-back spider which eats any male spider that it does not like or feels aggresive towards.

How do you know if a spider is male or female?

The female spider is much larger in most spiders, such as the bird dropping spider, in which the female is 12mm and the male is 2.5mm. But if you are not sure then try this website http://www.findaspider.org.au/find/spiders/.

How do the spider eggs get fertilisation?

Male spiders fertilize the eggs when the eggs are still in the female. (And then very often the male gets eaten by the female; in most spider families the female is considerably larger than the male).

Is a black widow spider male or female?

The name black widow spider means both male and female. Even though the name widow means female we can say male black widow spiders.

Do male spiders have penises?

Every male creature has a penis. Snakes, Whales, ants. You name it. Arachnid (spider) reproduction happens by a male spider going behind a female spider and jumping aboard, holding the females legs down while doing his work. After the intercourse the female spider kills the male spider. The female falls pregnant, lays her eggs and then spiders are born

Does the female or male Platypus have a poisonous spur?

Only the male platypus has a venomous spur.

What eats a black widow spider?

sometimes a female will eat the male spider after mating

Are male or female platypuses poisonous?

Neither the male nor the female is 'poisonous'. However, the male platypus is venomous, delivering his potent venom through ankle spurs. Female platypuses do not have venom, but they are born with spurs. These spurs fall off by the time the young female is about a year old.

Is the boy or girl funnel web spider which is poisonous?

ALL spiders are venomous whether male or female, small or large. The potency of the venom however, differes from species to species.

Which spider eats the male after mating?

The most famous male mate-eater is the female Black Widow spider, which is how they got their name.

Are Black widows venomous to male cats?

Yes , it is poisonous to both male and female cats .

Which is the largest the male or female spider?

The feminine is, ususally, bigger.

How do you tell a female guinea fowl from a male when they are young?

a female will say back back a male will say back back back

Is a earth worm poisonous to a frog?

how to tell if a frog is male or female

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