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Whether a pregnancy test will come back positive (or even accurate at all) doesn't depend on the date of your last period, but how recently (how many days ago) one got knocked up. Follow the directions included with the package. The earliest you can test is 2/3 days before your period, but it is far better to wait until you miss a period or it gets very expensive.

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Q: Is it too soon to test for pregnancy if your last period was the 2nd and is due again on the 29th and you tested on the 24th?
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Wait until the day of your missed period.

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It is quite possible. You should consider taking a pregnancy test.

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Are you on any type of birth control the hormones in birth control can cause breakthrough bleeding and spotting!

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Although it could have been either of these dates, it is most likely the 24th of August because usually ovulation occurs 14 days after the first day of your period. The 24th is closer to 14 days.