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No! Hello kitty is a sweet loving character that does everything to teach children manners to look cute on jewelry and clothes. There is nothing that should indicate that Hello Kitty is a devil. There might be some joking around with giving her different costumes but that does not mean anything to her true personality.

Though her story does have connections saying that she represents the devil.

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Is the Hello Kitty the devil?

Hello Kitty is most definitely not the devil.

Is hello kitty the devil doll?

Yes, hello kitty is the devil doll

Is hello kitty a devil?

No, but haters would say that. I think that you have to look at the mythical theory think about hello kitty and its your judgement.

What does the symbol for hello kitty mean?

hello kitty is not the devil /:so get a life

Is hello kitty big city dreams good?

No there not hello kitty is a cute toy but what you don't kno hello kitty is being used and worshiped by the devil also the devil is using hello kitty to get to Lil kids and brainwash them in wanting hello kitty even more

Does hello kitty belongs to the devil?

There is no devil, so the answer is no.

Because kitty means devil in japan in that case hello kitty means hello devil.?

No, as the company Sanrio named it 'hello kitty' in the first place. Sanrio is a Korean company.

Does hello kitty have anything to do with spiritualism are the devil?

Yes Hello kitty does have something to do with the devil. I loved hello kitty but when i learnd that hello kitty was made by a mother of a girl dieing of cancer she made a pact with the devil saying if he cured her daughter she will start a toy company that sells a toy that kids will love and that , that toy will give homage to the devil so now that i know about that i dont like hello kitty.

Is there really a Hello Kitty Devil connection?

No. That story is just too stupid to be true.

Is hello kitty the devil-?

There is nothing to indicate that Hello Kitty is the devil. She is just a fictional character that caught on and became wildly popular. The company that created her, Sanrio, has earned billions of dollars from Hello Kitty merchandise.

Why do people said hello kitty is a devil?

People think this because some say that kitty means devil in Japanese. But, this isn't true. Also, take a look at the name. HELLo kitty. Look up Scary Hello Kitty Urban Legends on Google and see that people have been told these stories and so then, people have thought Hello Kitty is a devil

Why do they say hello kitty is a devil worshiper?

hello kitty is a devil worshiper.. A lady had a daughter with mouth cancer and her mom went to the devil and said will you give my daughter a mouth.so her mom made hello kitty without her mouth to remind her of her daughter when she didn't have a mouth.

Do Jehovah witnesses believe in hello kitty?

no because hello "kitty" kitty meaning devil. jehovah witnesses don't believe in the devil they ONLY believe in the only true god jehovah! :)

Does hello kitty have something to do with demons?

Hello Kitty is an animated cat. She is not real. She does not have any connection with demons (which also are not real).No Hello Kitty Doesnt Have To Do Nothing With The Devil

Do hello kitty is part of devil?

No that is just a legend

Is hello kitty from the devil?

no they thought it would be cute if they put her in a devil suit

What is the scary true story of hello kitty?

One scary story is that Kitty means devil in Japanese, and that a long time ago, a lady had a daughter who had mouth cancer and she made a deal with the devil to create Hello Kitty if he healed her daughter. This is why Hello Kitty has no mouth, because it symbolizes the daughter. So supposedly, Hello Kitty is bad and is the devil. While this makes for an interesting story, there is no word in Chinese for the word devil that even comes close to the word "kitty". This is just a story.

What does kitty mean in Chinese?

I am Chinese and know FLUENT Chinese! Kitty in NOT a word in Chinese. if your looking for what IS kitty in Chinese it is Mao. kitty is not a Chinese word. the word devil in Chinese Is Kitty Right Or No??

Is hello Kitty a pact with te devil?

Yes did you notice the 3 first letters of hello kitty says HELL

Is Hello Kitty working for the Devil?

Noo she does not work for the devil on crazy people believe that shes from the devil

Why is hello kitty bad for Chinese?

yes it is bad because it says hello devil

How do you delete mail on hello kitty big city dreams?

Type your answer here... i think hello kitty is the devil becaues she does not have the mouth.

Does hellowkitty represent the devil?

No. Hello Kitty, or Kitty White is a cartoon girl. Nothing more.

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