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No, Obama was a Senator before being elected president

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True or false the president can be elected for 8 years?

The president can only be elected for 4 years, but after that he can be re-elected for 4 years more.

Is it true that women can not be elected for president?

No, it is not true that women can not be elected for presidency. Women can be elected for presidency.

Is it true that Donald Trump is now president?

Yes it is true that he has been elected, but he doesn't take over from President Obama until January.

How many state governors went on to become a US President?

16 state governors became US President that includes Territorial Governors 10 became 'true' two term US Presidents 9 state governors to US Presidents were in the period since 1896 5 'True' Two Term Presidents with gubernatorial background occurred since 1896 4 state governors to US Presidents have occurred in the last 32 years 3 'True' Two-term Presidents with gubernatorial background occurred in the last 32 years

Ronald Reagan was one of the youngest men ever elected President of the US true or false?

False, Ronald Reagan was the oldest man to be elected as president.

How many nations have a directly elected president?

At least two nations, Brazil and Mexico, directly elect their president. Many people think the president is directly elected in the United States, but that is not true. While the people vote on the president, he or she is ultimately elected by the electoral college.

Does the president serves eight-year terms true or false?

false- the term in only 4 years although the president can be re-elected to second term if the voters so choose.

What two things about president Kennedy made him a unique president?

Nothing was "unique" about Kennedy. It's true, he's still the only Roman Catholic to be elected, but there was nothing unique about his presidency or his actions.

How are leaders chosen in Mexico?

By an election held every 6 years; this is true for president, congress, state and municipal governors.

Is there any connections between when a president was assassinated and which number he was as president?

No, but there used to be a connection with the year they were elected, starting with Lincoln who was elected in 1860, any president that was elected in a year that ended in the number zero would be assasinated, and this continued to occur until Ronald Reagon who was elected in 1980, its true that he there was an attempt but he survived, which ended the curse.

What if Hillary became president her husband became vp and she died in office would her husband become president?

No chance. The president's spouse has no claims on the presidency . <><><> True- HOWEVER- If Bill Clinton ran as her Vice Presient, and were elected to that office, AND the President became unable to complete the term of office, THEN Bill Clinton could again become President. The Constitution provides that one may be ELECTED to the office of President only twice. He would not have been elected more than twice.

The President must have prior experience in government before being elected to the Presidency true or false?

No- there are no requirements concerning the experience of the President. In fact, Taylor, Grant, Hoover , Eisenhower, and maybe others, held no elected offices before becoming president

Can a president be elected more than eight years?

The US Constitution prohibits a President from being elected more than twice. This is not true. If a president dies with two or less years in his term, the vp can take over for those two years and be elected for two more terms. The most amount of years anyone can be president is 10 years.

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