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Is it true is American soccer both in mls and in college games if its a tie after 90 mins a sudden death penalty comp settles it?


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Well, yes and no. After 90 minutes is up there are two choices. They either go into extra time which is when you have two 15 minute halves and whoever has the most points at the end of extra time wins, or you have a penalty shoot out, ( which by the way the players hate). On a penalty shoot out it starts with 5 players. You shoot from the penalty line in front of the goal. Each team gets 5 shots. Lets say one team makes 4 of the 5 and the other makes 3. Than the one that made 4 wins. If both teams have the same amount after the first 5 shots then they have another 5 until someone finally wins. Usually they do extra time then do the penalty shoot-out. I'm sure the players that miss or have there shot blocked on a penalty shoot out want to hurt themselves.


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There are penalty kicks in soccer. A penalty kick is awarded when a defender commits a direct free kick offense while within his own penalty area.

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A direct free kick or a penalty kick depending on where the foul occurred.

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It is the spot where the ball is placed during the taking of a penalty kick or kicks from the mark.

A Penalty kick in soccer depends on where the 'card was pulled' the player that was fouled will then have a chance to either 1. Kick it into the goal , or 2. pass of to a team player.

The term penalty shot is used in ice hockey and polo. In soccer, the term penalty kick is used.

Only a few american ones. So no good ones.

no such thing. - The equivalent kick in soccer and rugby would be the placed penalty kick.

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