Is it true mitochondria are able to replicate themselves?


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Yes they have own DNA. So they replicate by their own

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For a virus to replicate it must insert its own DNA into a host nucleus cell. This newly infected cell finds another host cell to replicate, and a viral infection is produced.

This is very true because mitochondria are the site of cellular respiration.

Mitochondria and chloroplasts are thought to have originated as prokaryotic endosymbionts: True

Possibly. Because I know it is true in the older times that that was true but today I am not sure.

Yes. All living things have a mitochondria, which means that they all use ATP's and cellular respiration. Mushrooms do have mitochondria but that is not true of all living things, bacteria do not have mitochondria.

true because the mitochondria function is to release energy in each cell in the body.

True. Mitochondria contain their own DNA - and the chromosomes present in mitochondria are much smaller than those found in the nucleus (they are much more similar to Prokaryotic chromosomes). Mitochondrial DNA is not involved in the central processes of the cell.

False. Mitochondria are found in both plants and animals.

It is as true as toothfairies themselves.

"True" viruses replicate by injecting their code into another executable program. Most likely, the "host" program is a commonly used application such as Microsoft Word so that this guarantees the virus is able to successfully replicate. When the infected program is executed, control diverts to the virus, which the copies and infects another program, and then returns control back to the host program. Long loading times for programs are a common sign of virus infections.

bactirial cell..w/o true nucleus

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The aerobic TCA is dependent on mitochondria and since the earliest cells couldn't have had mitochondria they probably relied on anaerobic glycolysis.

True True? Whoever answered this is wrong and surely was baffled at some degree! The answer to your question is the Mitochondria.

No, that is absolutely wrong. It takes place in chloroplasts

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There are three organells.They are mitochondria,chloroplast and cytoplasm.

No they have DNA. They have circular DNA

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