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yes it was organically a bouquet now its ice cream now go ahead and eat some!

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Q: Is it true or false that the ice cream cone was originally used to hold flowers not ice cream?
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In Alabama it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket?


What objects are shaped like a cone?

ice cream cone, a pylon, a party hat, flower bouquet (the thing that holds the flowers)

Is an ice cream cone a polygon?

A polygon is 2-D. An ice cream cone is 3-D. So no. An ice cream cone is a hollow cone.

Is a ice cream cone a cylinder?

No. cylinder has two circumferences at each side. Ice cream cone has only one circumfereA

What shape is an ice cream cone?

The shape of ice cream is

Is a ice cream cone a cone?


How much does an ice cream cone cost?

an ice cream cone costs about $3.75.

What is ice cream cone in German?

The German word for ice-cream cone is Eishörnchen.

Where do you put your ice -cream on to eat it?

A snow cone or ice cream cone

What type of triangle ice cream cone is?

In general, an isosceles triangle.

Why is a snow cone a snow cone?

Because it is a cone to hold snow or crushed ice that you can eat. Like an ice cream cone holds ice cream.

How do you make cupcakes in an ice cream cone?

Bake a cupcake and put it into an ice cream cone

How many calorie in a cone ice cream?

The average ice cream cone has about 250 calories.

What shape is the bottom of an ice cream cone?

A cone.

What looks like a cone?

a ice cream cone

What type of triangle does a ice cream cone have?


Which ice cream is in cone in cone?

chocolate chip

How to make cup cakes in a ice cream cone?

You cannot make them in an ice cream cone because you have to bake the cup cakes. If you bake the cupcakes in the ice cream cone, not all of the batter will cook and the cone will burn before any of the cupcakes are done. If you want to have cupcakes in your ice cream cone, I would recommend that you make your cupcakes first then crumble it up into an ice cream cone.

What are some examples of a cone?

Some examples of a cone are an ice cream cone, parking cones, and children's party hats.

What are the three types of cones?

ice cream cone, traffic cone, and a cone

What is in the shape of a cone?

traffic conechristmas treeice cream cone

Is it true or false that a cone is a polyhedra?

It is false.

How many ice cream cone combinations are possible if you can choose chocolate or vanilla ice cream and a sugar cone or a waffle cone?

4. Chocolate- sugar cone Chocolate- waffle cone Vanilla- sugar cone Vanilla- waffle cone

Who invented ice cream cone?

Charelse E. Menches invented the first ice cream cone :)

What is the name of a cake shaped like a cone?

A cream horn is a cone-shaped cake that is filled with cream.