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yes its true- most of the prisons in Britain are still old Victorian buildings - it was first started by prisoners of war in this country ( they had knowledge of Morse Code ( the system first used to communicate by electrical bursts- Marconi etc..) Any one in the naval forces ( at sea ) has a knowledge of it! it was adapted by naval prisoners of war in Britain to communicate on the various pipe systems and could travel all round the prison as the pipes were made of steel ( not like today's copper pipes that don't carry it as far) - there were strict rules against it! after the war the habit continued - and only a few slang terms are used nowadays' (mostly the fish and chips tap, sorry only way i can describe it- like the punch line the drummer gives at the end of a David Letterman joke!) - most people use the string and line system now - this involves trying to get your face as far out the bars and calling to the cell next door to pass on a bit of string and swinging it to the next cell or the one below- very basic but it works very well people are able to pass along cigarettes ,drugs, pornography all sort's!- you can also pass stuff around by using the toilet system - to people in solitary (no windows)!!have just found out that differant prisons use differant call signs and tapping slang- tends to be that the more secure a prison is the more they use the pipe tapping to communicate

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Q: Is it true prisoners use radiator pipes to comunicate?
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