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Tokyo Rosa may have been a temporary Japanese Navy or Marine code name for the Aviatrix. The name Tokyo Rose is much better applied to the Philippine born Japanese Propagandist who was on trial after the war for subversive actions. She in no way resembled Amelia Earhart, in fact she was an Oriental woman. ( and was bilingual in English and Japanese- as befits a Japanese Spy type). I think the Tokyo Rosa bit in the Brink book - otherwise fairly accurate and historically intelligent, is a minor slip. I read the book, it is one of the better, yet ( on the ground floor) treatments of this mystery laden subject.

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Amelia Earhart aviotion pioneer

Her mother was Amelia Otis Earhart.

Of course, otherwise she couldn't have been conceived or born. Assuming that we are talking about Amelia Earhart, her parents were called Amelia and Samuel Earhart.

I don't believe Amelia Earhart ever changed her name. Even when she married George Putnam she insisted on still being called Amelia Earhart

When Amelia bought her first plane it was called the CANARY

Amelia Earhart disappeared on July 2,1937 during a flight. Two years later, people called off the search for Amelia and declared her dead.

Amelia flew a plane called *Electra*

Amelia Earhart flew across the atlantic ocean solo in plane called the friendship she started out in Boston and touched down in London.

In Amelia Earhart childhood she was called Meely. When she was in school, in English class her teacher is deaf. The students made fun of her. In the class picture Amelia caption in 1916 was “ The girl in brown, who walks alone.”

Amelia Earhart stopped to get her last fuel on an island called Howland Island. Howland is right near the Brumuta Triangle which is where they lost track of her.

There is a book called 'Amelia Earhart - Last Flight' which was written by her husband, the publisher G P Puttam, with entries from her journals and various letters.

The names of Amelia Earhart's parents were (father) Edwin Earhart and (mother) Amy Earhart. she had one sister named Muriel sometimes called "pidge"

for all I know she wrote one book and it as called The Fun For It.

Amelia named her red Lockheed Vega 'Little red bus' , and often called it 'Old Bessie'.

No but you could get a picture in a book called "Amelia Earhart" by Carol Anne Pearce

her burial place may be on a remote south pacific island called Nikumaroro

She called it The Canary because that particular shade of yellow reminded her of a Canary.

She attended an elementary school called the college preparatory school in Achiston, Kansas

Her last flight was out of a grass runway in New Guinea called Lei.

20 Hrs., 40 Min. (1928)The Fun of It (1932)Last Flight (1937)

She did not officially name the Electra, but often called it 'the flying lab'.

The last radio transmission from Amelia Earhart was at 8:45am on 3rd July 1937 at an abandoned island; the search was called off on 19th July when the US Navy pronounced her 'lost at sea'. ("Great Unsolved Mysteries" John Canning 1984 p.165, 168)

She learned to fly at Kinner Field near Los Angeles, taught by a woman pilot called Anita Snooks.

Yes, she did. On May 20, 1932, Amelia flew solo from Canada to Ireland in her red Lockheed Vega that she called 'Old Bessie' and also 'the little red bus'