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Is it true that Smackdown is getting a new GM?


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2005-12-03 18:22:36
2005-12-03 18:22:36

No, RAW is getting a new GM on December 5,2005, could be Shane McMahon


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The GM of Smackdown is Theodore Long

sadly there is no gm mode

No. you can not play gm mode in smackdown vs. raw 2009 but you can play road to wrestlemania and career mode also

yes because svr2008 had it.

There is no GM mode as in 07 and 08 but there is a new story designer mode which allows you to create the matches for that week's show (RAW, SmackDown, ECW) like in GM Mode, but also allows you to create your own storylines using cut scenes/interferences to make it like a real WWE event.

yeah after edge refused to apologize to the gm of raw on oct 4,2010 he was traded to smackdown again

unfortunetly the anwer is no

Do you want him to? He will be GM, until Vince decides Smackdown needs to get a new one. Same with Eari Bischoff. Hopefully soon! he doesnt enforce any ruls. bischoff did.

Smackdown's general manager is John Laurinitis (GM of RAW and Smackdown!) as of 4-1-12 at Wrestlemania 28!

probably not because they stopped putting gm mode on svr since 2008

The new general manager right now in 2009 is teddy long he got his spot back when vickie guerreo decided to general manage Raw. Only because Ric Flair turned the job down to be the GM of Smackdown though.

Yes THQ has put gm mode in i hope every fan will enjoy smackdown vs raw 2010 out on october 20

When Vickie Guerrero was still the GM of smackdown, she made the Undertaker give it to her.

go to game modes and then go to 24/7 mode and u could choose to play as gm

Theodore Long is currently the GM of SmackDown and there are no plans to replace him as of yet, although the storylines can always change within the WWE.

both raw and smackdown are owend by Vine McMahon butsmackdowns gm is vickie gurrero

John Laurinitis is the current Raw GM

You can do it either by getting twelve points in hall of fame mode OR On GM 24/7 mode you need to simulate to wrestlemania and play a title match and win and you will unlock Wresltemania

No, there is no road to wrestlemania on svr 2007 but there is season mode and gm mode.

Oct 18 2010 yes its true because he sign a new contract as raw gm

No. Triple H is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the WWE. He is not the General Manager. Brad Maddox is the GM of WWE RAW. Vickie Guerrero is the GM of Smackdown

go to game mode, 24/7 and then choose genral manager

you cant but you can win all the matches at wrestle mania

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