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Not precisely. A temperature can't have particles. A substance which is at a high temperature has particles which are moving fast.

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Does an object with a high temperature have particles that move quickly?

it depends on substance's boiling point if the temperature is enough to allow particles move then they move , in liquids the particles are constantly moving.

Will an object with a high temperature has particles that move quickly?

Yes temperature causes particles to movie faster or slower higher temp moves faster

When the temperature is high does its particles move slowly?

No. As temperature increases, particle movement increases.

How will temperature affect the volume of a gas what other factor must be held constant?

If temperature increases, then pressure increases. Temperature measures the average speed of particles, so if the temperature is high, then the particles are moving quickly and are colliding with other particles more forcefully. Pressure is defined as the force and number of collisions the particles have with the wall of its container. So if the high temperature causes the particles to move quickly, they are going to collide more often with the container, increasing the pressure. This remains true as long as the number of moles (n) remains constant.

How does the temperature of water affect how quickly a dye spreads through water?

The higher the temperature of the particles in water, the more energy was filled inside it, so the particles will move faster. At the same time, the dye will spread or disperse through water quickly.

How does temperature affects movement of particles?

Increasing the temperature particles move faster.

When a solid moves to a liquid state the particles move more slowly?

Particles in a solid don't move at all, particles in a liquid move, particles in a gas move quickly

Do gases have particles that move quickly and are far apart?

Yes, they do. Gas particles are already far apart and move more quickly than liquid particles, and as they warm up, they move faster and further apart.

Why do the particles move faster in a vacuum?

Particles do not move faster in a vacuum. Particles move faster when the temperature increases.

What happens to the particles in a substance as it melts?

The particles move more quickly and begin to move from place to place

What determines the speed of the atoms and molecules of a substace?

Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of an object. This is proportional to how quickly the particles move.

When particles in the air nove quickly is it warm or cold?

The faster molecules move, the more kinetic energy they have. Temperature is a measure of the kinetic energy. Therefore, molecules that move more quickly imply warmer air.

How is temperature related to the movement of particles in a substance?

Temperature is directly proportional to movement of particles in a substance. The greater the temperature, the more the particles move.

Do particles move faster in an ice cube apple juice ocean water or hot chocolate?

High temperature favors the movement of particles; so, in hot chocolate they move faster.

What does temperature have to do with the motion of particles that make up a substance?

The warmer the temperature, the faster the particles move.

How do particles move during lower temperature?

Particles will move more slowly at lower temperatures.

What is kinetic theory and how is it used?

Kinetic theory is when a high number of particles such as temperature, viscosity and volume that move randomly colliding in different directions. The speed of particles has an impact on temperature and gas pressure.

What happens to temp when particles are spread out and move rapidly?

Particles spread out and move rapidly due to the increase in temperature. Movement of particles is dependent on temperature...not the other way around.

Why do metals expand due to temperature rise?

In every object there are moving particles. The particle theory states that the hotter the objects temperature, the faster its particles move. so, in a block of ice, the particles would move very slowly, but in a tray that has been in an oven, the partciles move very quickly. Because the particles - which make up the tray - are moving so fast, the size of the tray would expand.

Why need high temperature in diffusion process?

probably because the particles move faster when they have more energy. If the particles are moving faster then they will mix (diffuse) faster.

What process do particles move from high to low concentration?

The process in which particles move from high to low concentration is called diffusion .

How is temperature related to particle movement?

The lower the temperature of a substance, the slower the particles will move. The higher the temperature, the greater the movement of the particles.

Why does warm water evaporate faster than cold water?

Evaporation is determined by the speed of particles. It occurs when some particles move faster than others and have enough energy to break the surface of the solution and become vapor. Temperature measures the speed of particles, so if the temperature is high, the particles will move faster and will evaporate quicker.

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