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Doubtful but not out of the question. Just don't leave it there and you will never have to find out.

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Q: Is it true that leaving your digital camera lying beside sound equipment or the TV can damage your memory card?
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How does a digital memory card work?

It is read by a digital piece of equipment, such as a digital camera.

What are some extra equipment you should buy to go along with a digital camera?

Extra equipment that goes well with a digital camera would be a memory card, padded camera case, and extra battery. Other options include a lens cleaner, a tripod, and extra lenses if the camera is a DSLR.

What equipment is required for webcasting out of my home?

It can as simple as a web camera or a digital camera. You'll need to focus on the sound because the digital camera has poor audio capabilities. So microphones should be added to the project.

What is the average price of a Nikon SLR digital camera?

The average price of a Nikon SLR digital camera is approximately $499.95. Of course you could find it for less if you comparison shop at your local retailers who specialize in camera equipment.

What is the main purpose of Sunpak?

The term Sunpack is a brand of digital camera equipment. This equipment includes, but is not limited to, tripods, camera cases, auto zoom telescoping lenses, and other accessories.

What piece of equipment that can be used to convert a photograph into an image that can be stored on your computer?

Scanner or digital camera.

What other equipment do i need beside a digital camera and a website to have my own webshow?

well you would need a laptop and a compture softwear that would allow you to edit the webshows, or go and make a account on youtube and upload them there and get followers, that would be the easiest if you are just starting of.!!

How does one replace a canon digital camera battery?

A Canon digital camera battery can be replaced by buying a Canon digital camera battery and putting the Canon digital camera battery in the Canon digital camera battery socket of the Canon digital camera.

Is it possible to damage a digital camera by placing on or near electronic equipment such as a playstation2?

Not a playstation. If it was introduced to very strong magnetic field or high heat maybe then it might be a factor. If my camera was left beside the PlayStation then it didnt work the first thing I would do is ask my seven yr old if he dropped it or did something to it. Good luck.

What is the history of the digital camera?

Steven J. Sasson (b. 1950) is an electrical engineer and the inventor of the digital camera. His invention began in 1975 with a very broad assignment from his supervisor at Eastman Kodak Company. He was fidling around with bits and peices of equipment and it came together to make the digital camera.

What camera is more popular a digital camera or a old camera?

Digital Camera!

What can one use as spy security equipment?

One can use any digital camera as spy security equipment. Simply take the camera and place it in an inconspicuous location, such as behind a bookshelf, or inside a bushy plant.

Can I buy a waterproof case for my digital camera?

Otterbox is famous for making waterproof cases for varieties of electronic equipment.

Is digital camera a noun or a verb?

"Digital camera" is two words. "Camera" is a noun and "digital" is an adjective describing the camera. Neither word is a verb.

Where was the digital camera developed?

at the digital camera factory!

Description of Digital Camera?

a digital camera is a camera that lets you take photos lol

If you wish to go ghost hunting what equipment should be brought along?

A digital camera, digital recorder, flashlight, and watch are the very basic equipment a ghost hunter should be equipped with. Other equipment includes an EMF reader, thermal reader, motion sensor, and a video recorder.

Is digital camera a software or a hardware?

A digital camera is hardware.

Is a digital camera a hardware or software?

A digital camera is hardware.

Do all mp3 players have a digital camera?

No, not all mp3 players have a digital camera. Some may have a camera. If you are looking for an mp3 player with a digital camera your best bet would be to buy a smartphone which will have both an mp3 payer and digital camera.

Does Fuji make other things besides camera equipment?

Fuji Industries makes lots of things other than camera equipment. The company has been around a long time and has there hands in graphic arts, optics, digital devices, semiconducters and medical equipment, just to name a few.

How well does a small digital camera work compared to a big digital camera?

A small digital camera vs a big digital camera will work almost exactly the same. The differences are the features included. A big digital camera will have a viewfinder mechanism, an adjustable and interchangable lens, and a bigger sensor, while the small digital cameras will not.

Does Walmart sell digital camera keychains?

Walmart does not sale digital camera keychains. The closest they have to digital camera keychains are LCD photo keychains that display your digital photos.

Who created the first digital camera?

Kodak invented the digital camera.

Which digital camera do you suggest?

CANON SD950 it is my favorite digital camera