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It is not true that it dies when it touches air or IVF wouldn't work. It does die if the semen dries.

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Q: Is it true that sperm dies when it touches air?
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Is it true that sperm dies on contact with air?


When semen touches air and then he puts it back inside you can you get pregnant?

Yes. Air will not kill the sperm instantly. The semen keeps the sperm fresh ready to be released inside the vagina. The semen needs to dry out before the sperm dies out in the open.

Can a girl get pregnant if she touches pre-ejaculation fluid and then like 10-15 minutes later touches the outside of her vagina and then puts her finger inside of her vagina but not too far?

Yup. @edit If this is the true story then no. Most pre-ejaculation fluid has no sperm in it. And even them sperm dies at a very fast rate in the open air.

What happens to sperm in water?

well when sperm mets air it dies right away. So in water it dies because its has air.

What happens when sperm hits the air?

It dies.

If sperm touches air can a girl still get pregnant?

not very likely but anything is possible cause sperm kills are not very likely but anything is possible cause air kills sperm

How long can sperm live once it hits the air?

dies instantly

Can a girl get pregnant when a drop of sperm touch outside the vagina?

no because as soon as sperm tousches the air then it dies

Can Alcohol Kill Sperm?

Yes, but sperm will die within minutes once out in the open in any case. As the air dries out the semen the sperm dies.

If sperm touches the vagina once it has been in contact with air can you still get pregnant?

yes you still can get pregnant.

What three ways dose the respiratory system modify air before it reaches the lungs?

if kevin touches it. it dies

Can one get pregnant even if the guy rubs the sperm on his boxers then rubs the vagina?

no you can't because as soon as sperm hits the air it dies.

Is there any possibility to pregnant if the sperm egg is outside from vagina after an hours?

I don't think so. Once sperm hits the air it dies.

What would happen if you used some sperm from a condom that was 2 days old?

nothing would happen once the sperm hits air it dies

Does sperm really die when it hits the air?

no, it can actually live for 3-7 days before it dies

Why do amphibians have to reproduce in water?

because the sperm is allergic to air. so dies. like a caterpillar in a blender.

Can sperm travel through shorts and a thong?

Yes but its highly unlikely. Sperm can travel through clothing, but it dies when it comes in contact with the air. I wouldn't worry about it.

Can a woman get pregnant from fresh pre-ejaculate fluid left on an object like a credit card or a towel or door handle for instance if she touches it and then masturbates immediately after touching it?

No you won't get pregnant from this. As soon as Sperm comes into contact with air, it dies. There is no chance of pregnancy.

What animals live in air?

Sorry to say - there is no animal that lives exclusively in air. However the male Indian swift, after it leaves the nest, never touches ground again until it dies.

What if a guy does not finger a girl but he does rub around the lips of her vagina and he does have sperm on his fingers?

Its very unlikely that this will result in pregnancy as sperm dies within a few minutes of coming into contact with Air.

How long can sperm survive in the open air?

AnswerWhen it dries it dies. Depends on the environment its in. AnswerAs a general rule, sperm can survive outside of the body for up to three hours in the open air in ideal conditions. sperm deposited onto materials or objects generally are dead once the seminal fluid has dried.

How long does sperm last before it dies?

Out in the air it will dry pretty quick. Inside a woman's body 3-5 days.

What is the term used to describe when warm air touches something cool?

its when the air touches something thats cooler then the air thats what i think

How long can sperm live in a condom?

If you're using a condom with a spermicidal lubricant, it kills some of the sperm but not 100%. If you're using a condom without spermicidal lubricant, then the sperm will live until the semen dries. This also depends on room temp and humidity. Bottom line guys: After you have sex, take the condom off and throw it away yourself. Don't trust her to do it for you or you might get a big surpise down the road. Once your partner takes it off and the air hits they are dead or if you use a spermicidal condom they die immediately. it doesn't once exposed to air it dies so it's no longer alive a condom has air pockets so wants the sperm comes out and the air hits it it dies .. (srry this is not my answer but im writing to the person who answered it ... first of all if a condom had air pockets theres no point in wearing one... if there were airpockets sperm can excape the condom ... nice try. and that's not always true because if so ... how to they to sperm donations ... sperm can live when the air hits it. until it drys it could still be alive.. if you don't know the answer don't write in on here and scare people.!! ) sperm does no live lond once air gets to it it is no longer acctive *********** In reality, sperm has a short life span outside of the body. Yes a spermacide will kill some of the sperm but it does not die when air hits it. Sperm can survive outside of the body for 10-15 minutes

What effect does the obsence of heat have on air molecules?

When heat touches air molecules they speed up but when cold air touches molecules they slow down.