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All that I know of, no. In upcoming Mario games, there is a rumor of one though.

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Who does Yoshi like?

yoshi's true love is blaze

Does Yoshi loves birdo?

Yoshi has never shown any true interests in Birdo other than as simple friends.

What is the True Secret of a Master Mason?

There is no "true secret" in Freemasonry. /IYM "There is no 'True Secret' in Freemasonry" /thank you

What kind of dinosaur is Yoshi?

he is not any kind of true dinosaur, he is a fictional one from japan.

What is the secret of true friendship?

There really is no secret, but you have to be there for your friend.

What is the secret of true lovel anthem?

the secret is he\she does not love u!!!!!

What is the true secrect of true love?

The secret to "true love" is first, to be friends with the person. The second secret is being patient. The third secret is "true love" requires work from both persons. when something happens, you will know you are with your true love or not....

Where do true bugs live?

There are 50,000 to 80,000 species of true bugs and they vary in habits from species to species. So they can be found just about everywhere.

Is plutonium a semi metal?

Plutonium is a true metal.

What is the secret on true love?


What is the secret for true sex?


What is th secret of a true love?

The secret of true love is really have to consider your lover as the only gift for your partner and care about him...........

Is it true that justin bieber is dating a girl in secret?

Shhhh! It's a secret.

Is the properties of a metal are related to bonds true or false?


What is the seceret of true love?

no secret. sorry. my secret to a happy relationship? Communication, and lots of it.

Where is the secret website?

If you knew it wouldn't be a secret website

What is the duration of True Norwegian Black Metal documentary?

The duration of True Norwegian Black Metal - documentary - is 1920.0 seconds.

Is metal bonding with metal known as a mettalic bond?

Yes, it is true.

Are there about 150 species of roses?

Perhaps. The rose genus is subject to a lot of crossing between true species and hybrids crossing with true species. It mostly depends on how strict you are in defining a species. Currently there are about 150 recognized species of rose, but this will change.

What are the release dates for True Jackson VP - 2008 True Secret 2-22?

True Jackson VP - 2008 True Secret 2-22 was released on: USA: 9 October 2010

What is a diptera?

It is a true species of fly.

What is a true metal?

she dont know

Is competition between two species reduced when the species have different niches?


When was True Norwegian Black Metal - documentary - created?

True Norwegian Black Metal - documentary - was created in 2007.

Is slipknot metal?

yes technically they are nu metal, which either is or isn't true metal depending on who you ask.

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