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When your pregnent your belly button will most likey go flat or pop out ( also know as an outie) you can get an outie or go flat if it is a boy or girl. most women go to back to there normal belly button after about a month or less but some women stay outies afterwards.

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Q: Is it true that when your belly button pokes out you are having a girl?
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Does guys like when girl have a belly button?

Yes, there are some guys who love the girls who have the belly button.

How do tell if a ferret is a girl or boy?

Look on the tummy. If you see a "belly button", then it is a boy. (Hint: it's not really a belly button) If not, then it's a girl.

What does it mean when a girl pokes you?

if a girl pokes you that means she might like you

Do girls get belly button lint?

Everyone does or has at one time or another assuming they have a hairy stomach. Belly button lint (lintus-belly) occurs in hairy men and women. If a woman is prone to waxing her stomach, she will get lint because her belly button became a safe haven for the lint. A woman who never has to wax her belly is less likely to have her belly button become host to lint. If a girl has a deep belly button, she will find more lint in it if she digs in it. If a girl has a shallow belly button, she will find less lint in it, but will easily be able to see it since her belly button isn't deep.

Does guys like when girl have belly button pierced?

Many guys like it when a girl has her belly button pierced but some don't. The guys who do like it find it to be a turn on for them.

What causes pain behind belly button?

Well it depends. Are you a boy or a girl? If you are a girl, it could be your period. If you are pregnant, Your belly button might pop out any second. Or you could have scratched it. Did you dig inside your belly button with something sharp? Were you fingering your belly button and scratched it? Take care of your navel. Love it every day.

How do you know if a hedgehog is a boy or a girl?

If it is a boy, his penis will be on his belly, like a belly button. If it is a girl, her vagina will be by her tail, closer to the end of her underside.(:

Why Did The Blonde Girl Have Bruises On Her belly Button?

Blonde Guys Are Stupid To

You have pain behind your belly button you are a girl?

Yes, 45 Years old.

Can a fat girl get a belly button ring?

no. dont torture us all like that.

What is the minimum age to get a belly button piercing in Indiana?

in Indiana girls start to pierce their belly button very young I know a girl shes from Indiana and she got her's pierced when she was seven

What does it mean when a girl pokes you and says hi hi hi over and pokes you again?

She likes you.

Is a Malay teen girls have an outie belly button?

Yes they have. But its very rare and very hard to find a Malay girls with an outie belly button. Mostly Malay girls have an outie belly button is very slim, long black hair and good looking face. But some of them don't have an outie belly button. That's all I know. Because that time when I and my Malay friends go to the beach and have a picnic, I saw some of the my friend (a Malay girl) very clearly that her belly button is an outie belly button just in front of me when she chatting to me about something like a entertainment topic. And at the very same time, she wearing a bikini too. No, I'm serious. So... to be honest, its quite rare actually.Note:Meaning of Outie Belly Button - Outie Belly Button means that the person belly button is going out permanently.

When pregnant will your belly be hard above the bellybutton?

If your having a boy, then you her belly will get hard under the bellybutton. With a girl, above the bellybutton. Ask your doctor for more information. You will not know whether you're having a boy or girl based on the hardess in a certain area of your belly...

What is the sign of having a baby girl without going to the doctor?

your belly will get really big

How can you tell if a sugar glider is a boy or girl?

Girls have pouches on their bellies. Boys have a bald spot on their heads and chests. And on a boys belly theirs a 'belly button' wich are his balls.

When does the brown line start showing on your stomach if you are pregnant?

I was told by my doctor around 16 weeks. However, he aslo has the theory that if it is a girl there will be no line does anyone agree No, I am having a baby girl and I am getting the brown line down my stomach. It is starting below the belly button.

What's the best body jewelery for a high school girl that isn't too risque?

a belly button ring is nice.

Does achy on the belly button means a girl baby?

No. It doesn't mean it's a boy either. The belly button is very sensitive and it can ache during pregnancy, it's normal. Especially if the baby kick against it from the inside. You can't see if it's a boy or a girl by some signs, it's all old wives tales.

When a guy playfully pokes a girl what does he expect orwant her to do back?

giggle. flirt.

How can you tell the sex of a sea turtle?

a boy has the bottom of the shell in and a girl pokes out

If a boy kisses you on your cheeks touch your stomach from inside as well as outside your shirt and play with your belly button Will a girl get pregnant?

No, if he only does what you described.

What does it mean when a girl finds my bellybutton cute?

It simply means she finds your belly button cute. She probably also likes you in a romantic way.

What does it mean when a girl keep staring at my bellybutton?

If a girl keeps staring at your belly button, it must mean you're not wearing a shirt or it's unbuttoned. It could also mean she likes you.

Dose a belly button ring look good on a girl?

That is a matter of opinion, my opinion is if a girl has a nice toned stomach yes it looks really hot! If a girl is not skinny and toned there is honestly no reason in a navel piercing because nobody will want to see it. i think it dont look rite on every body a belly button ring looks absolutely sexy (or cute) on a girl!!! If you don't believe me look up pictures! It looks sweat!