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When your pregnent your belly button will most likey go flat or pop out ( also know as an outie) you can get an outie or go flat if it is a boy or girl. most women go to back to there normal belly button after about a month or less but some women stay outies afterwards.

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Q: Is it true that when your belly button pokes out you are having a girl?
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Is a girl's belly button ticklish?


Why might a girl's belly button smell?

Lack of personal hygiene is what causes the girls belly button smell.

How do tell if a ferret is a girl or boy?

Look on the tummy. If you see a "belly button", then it is a boy. (Hint: it's not really a belly button) If not, then it's a girl.

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Do girls get belly button lint?

Everyone does or has at one time or another assuming they have a hairy stomach. Belly button lint (lintus-belly) occurs in hairy men and women. If a woman is prone to waxing her stomach, she will get lint because her belly button became a safe haven for the lint. A woman who never has to wax her belly is less likely to have her belly button become host to lint. If a girl has a deep belly button, she will find more lint in it if she digs in it. If a girl has a shallow belly button, she will find less lint in it, but will easily be able to see it since her belly button isn't deep.

What causes pain behind belly button?

Well it depends. Are you a boy or a girl? If you are a girl, it could be your period. If you are pregnant, Your belly button might pop out any second. Or you could have scratched it. Did you dig inside your belly button with something sharp? Were you fingering your belly button and scratched it? Take care of your navel. Love it every day.

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Yes, 45 Years old.

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The right and left side of the neck or the belly button

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no. dont torture us all like that.

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