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No some girls have to take Birth Control pills for their period to help with the pain.

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Q: Is it unhealthy for a 13 year old girl to take birth control pills?
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How do you find out if a girl is taking birth control pills?

u ask her

Is it terribly unhealthy for a 14 year old girl on birth control to share a bed with her 15 year old brother and one of his friends?

It is unhealthy and most likely illegal.

Can a girl have late periods on birth control pills?

Yes you can, but if you haven't been taking your pill everyday you may have a problem.

If you stop taking birth control pills and become pregnant what is the likelihood the baby will be a girl?

you have a 50-50 chance of being either.

What does a teenage girl have to do in order to get birth control?

In order to get birth control, you need to visit your doctor/gynecologist. Or if you would like it to be confidential about getting birth control pills you can make an appointment at Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood specializes in birth control as well! When you go, you want to tell them that you would like to begin birth control to stay protected from pregnancy, and they will guide the way.

What Happens When You kiss a girl on birth control pills?

well in collage about 10 years ago when i was studying to be a doctor i learned that yo can get a std if you kiss a girl that is on birth controls. They said that there is a 2% chance you can get the std aid/HIV but that is not the only std u can get . you can get a lot of std form kissing a girl that is on birth control if you kiss a girl while she is on birth control there is a 67.82% that you will end up with herpes or cancer because all the acid from the pills go in your mouth so be careful. So you have to wait until the girl is off of birth control the u have to wait until 2 months to kiss her so all the acid comes out her body form the pills.Thank you. Doctor Skillman-scrip 2

When should a girl start taking birth control?

When she decides to become sexually active or if she has a really difficult time during her menstruation since birth control pills can make it easier. They can also work if you have a very irregular period.

What are the chances of conceiving a girl after birth control female hormones?

Girl sperm swim faster than boy sperm. If the man ejaculated when he wasn't very far inside of you, chances are you'd have a girl. The hormones/birth control pills wouldn't have any affect on the sex of the baby because the man's sperm determines the sex.

You cumed in a girl while she was on the birth control shot?

If she was on birth control you should not have much to worry about.

What can a girl do if she doesn't want to get pregnant?

Birth control

A girl 11 start birth control will this make her more promiscues?

A girl starts taking birth control at age 11 will this make her more promiscus.

Does birth control make a girl moody?

It can do yes and this is one of the side effects of birth control. It will usually cease when you've been on birth control for 3 + months.

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