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Yes, this sounds right.

Narcisstic is the root word for one who places him/herself abouve others, abouve or out of reach; one who is more in love with her/himself than others in their lives. They need others to reflect themselves off of, like you would reflect yourself off the mirror; they feel that if some one does them wrong, or mis uses them in ANY way that they have the RIGHT to punish, to give the cold shoulder to those who do not live up to the standard, whatever that is, or the N. person. This is the ultimate show of love of self; making tohers pay for not loving (them) as much as they should have. The idea is punishment; those who do not love or show their love the right way must be punished. That's narcissitic.

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When a narcissists gives the silent treatment people say that this is still a form of communication are they correct in saying this?

No, the silence treatment is not a form of communication, no matter who says that it is.

Why do narcissists give the silent treatment?

The silent treatment is a common form of abuse used by people who cannot stand to be on the receiving end of another person's self assertiveness. The silent treatment cuts the victim off from the abuser, it sends a distinctive message about how insignificant the victim is and how easy it is for the abuser to live without them. It is utilized by insecure people of weak character and poor self image who cannot keep up their end of a relationship through dialogue. It's their way or else. When you do something that displeases them you cease to exist for a certain period of time. I knew one person who doled out silent treatment punishments in increments of three month periods. We ignored him too!

Men giving silent treatment to wives?

Men giving silent treatment to their wives occurs when they have had a disagreement or argument. Some wives also give their husbands the silent treatment when they fall out.

The Silent Treatment in an affair?

Don't be a jerk by having an affair in the first place. You get the silent treatment, you get all you deserve.

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When someone with npd or bpd gives the silent treatment are they thinking of that person or do they just blank them out of their mind?

This is a very good question. The answer can vary according to the individual. Narcissists do this on purpose and it can be considered a form of emotional abuse. They make the person on the other end feel virtually non-existent and this can be one of the worst forms of emotional abuse. The silent treatment can also be referred to as "silent raging." The individual exhibiting this behavior is raging on the inside and the silence can last from days to months. Trying to talk to the narcissist in the midst of their silent treatment will probably only make them want to continue the period of silence - they definitely think of the person they are ignoring when doing so, but they can also block them out at times because narcissists cannot empathize with any other person. BPD, on the other hand, may still have empathy and may be more likely to think of the person they are ignoring.

Why do narcissists use the silent treatment and how long can it go on for?

The narcissist will use the silent treatment for as long as they can to get the attention they are seeking. I have lived with a N for many years, wasted 6 years of my life and he still torments me. We have been split of for a year now and he still torments me. Oh the silent treatment......what a terrible thing to do. They do it to torture you mentally even more then they already have. It is a form of abuse and control. As long as they give you the silent treatment, they know that you are losing your mind while they are acting foolish. They also know that usually this tactic works very well for them because in the end, you are left with asking what is wrong and apologizing for something you did not do and that my friend is where the N gains satisfaction and has successfully drained another vial of blood from your soul.......

Is silence abusive?

The silent treatment is abusive.

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What is the meaning of when you say nothing at all?

the silent treatment.

How do you stay silent when giving the silent treatment?

The "silent treatment" never stands to prove anything because you have to talk things out to be able to try and resolve whatever it is that is going on. The "silent treatment" is unproductive and not worth the time actually it is a huge waste of time. It is not worth wasting the time as we should be thankful for our time with another not arguing about petty things or playing these petty immature games.

How do you stop being bitter How do I stop giving the silent treatment?


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Why is giving the silent treatment always considered to be an abusive tool and never mentioned as defense tool?

The silent treatment is used often by a mate because they do not want to get into an argument as it only fuels the fire. However continuously being silent does not resolve the problem either and the person who remains silent has options of either leaving that person; getting psychiatric help to deal with the situation. 'The silent treatment' can be misused because some abusive mates will use this to intimidate their other half. As with many other things in life the 'silent treatment' from another person in a bad relationship is often misunderstood.

Does FLSA control meal or break periods in employment?

FLSA is silent on this issues, but many states have laws which govern meal and break periods.

How do you reply if a girl calls you cheese ball?

give them the silent treatment

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