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School Vice Captain would sound better Normally it's only Vice Captain but if your school has to have the word 'school' in it then School Vice Captain is most likely better.

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Q: Is it vice school or school vice captain?
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Is it Vice school captain or school vice captain?

School vice-captain is better.

What difference will you make for becoming a school vice captain?

Nothing can be done for you by becomeing a freaking school vice captain

What is the school vice captain?

derek fisher.

Who is the current vice captain of Carlton fc?

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What are the duty of vice captain in golf club?

The vice-captain will be the captain the following year, so he would attend events the captain couldn't.

Who is the vice-captain of the 13th squad in bleach?

The current vice captain is Rukia Kuchiki

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Who is India's vice captain at the moment?

At this moment Goutam Gambhir is the vice captain of India.

Who is the vice captain of Manchester united now?

Manchester united vice captain is it giggs

Who is vice-captain of Arsenal?

The current vice-captain, in March 2014, is Mikel Arteta.

What does Vice-captain mean?

A vice captain (as in a sports team) is in second command, ready to take over as captain should the captain be unable to play. It is the same with vice president of a country (USA, for instance), or a company director designated as vice president or vice chairperson of that company.

What if your captain and vice captain do not play?