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You loved her enough to get her pregnant and I think the issue here is you aren't man enough to face up to the fact you are the father and deal with the responsibilities. No one says you have to get married, but if you are a man (hoping so) then you'll stand by her until that baby is born and have the manhood to support that child and if you don't want to take an active interest in the child rearing then realize that you will have given up a lot and trust me when I say ... the mistakes you make while young catch up to you when you get older! Many children that are no longer minors want to know know who their mother and father were and the big question is "Why didn't you want me?" How are you going to answer that one should this happen to you?

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Q: Is it wrong to break up with your pregnant girlfriend that you have been with for only four months because you do not love her?
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