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You loved her enough to get her pregnant and I think the issue here is you aren't man enough to face up to the fact you are the father and deal with the responsibilities. No one says you have to get married, but if you are a man (hoping so) then you'll stand by her until that baby is born and have the manhood to support that child and if you don't want to take an active interest in the child rearing then realize that you will have given up a lot and trust me when I say ... the mistakes you make while young catch up to you when you get older! Many children that are no longer minors want to know know who their mother and father were and the big question is "Why didn't you want me?" How are you going to answer that one should this happen to you?

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Can your water break at 4 months pregnant?

It is possible that your water can break at four months, but the baby has a low change of survival.

If they Broke up 3 times in 6 months 2 months after last break up shes 2 months pregnant is she trapping him?

yes because she still have feelinqq for him

Is marriage a good option if your girlfriend is pregnant?

Marriage is a good option if you want to get married. Marriage is not a good option if you do it just because you are pregnant. Spend the money on therapy instead so your relationship have a better chance when most couples break up, when the child is around 6-18 months.

How do you break up with your girlfriend after dating for 6 months you told her you love and will never break up with her but your not sure if you should or not?

be honest with her

How do you break up with your girlfriend after 10 months?

Why would you break up with her ? what did she do ? you let her think you loved her for 10 month and now you wana break her heart !

Why did Zayn malik break up with his girlfriend?

Zayn and Tae Handrich broke up only 2 months after dating because it just didn't work out for them

When you break up with an ex girlfriend and have dreams about them 6 months later what does it mean?

she might be the one for you

If you and your girlfriend are going to take a break does that mean that you can sleep with other girls?

Not until you break up with the girlfriend because there are ways she can find out and she then can call you a cheater!!!!!!!!!!

Why do married men keep calling the girlfriend when she is trying to break away?

Because they don't want to break up with the girlfriend. This has nothing to do with the fact that they are married.

What did skandar break up with his girlfriend?

Probably because she's weird(:

Why do your feelings keep resurfacing for your ex-girlfriend even though it has been a few months since the break up?

Because you still care for her. It will take some time to heal.

Is it normal for the mucus plug to break if only 7 months pregnant?

Yes, it can break or just pieces of it a lot earlier but a new one is created.

Is it safe to swim while pregnant?

If you are around 8-9 months pregnant, your water may break and you wouldn't realize it, so swimming whilst pregnant isn't the best idea.

When your guy friend has a girlfriend but you like him what do you do?

Because your guy friend has a girlfriend you will have to accept that and if he should break up with his girlfriend that is the time to tell him how you feel and not before.

Is Emily pregnant in make it or break it?

yes because her actress who is 26 now is pregnant with her 2nd baby

What does it mean when your girlfriend tells you she wants a break for a couple months?

"Wants a break" means she wants to break up and be free to date others while you can do the same. "For a couple of months" means if things don't work out while playing the field, you can get back together later.

Why does your ex girlfriend still call you after the break up?

Because they want to get back with you.

Why did Patrick breeding break up with his girlfriend Nikki?

Because he never loved her

How do I get my son to break up with a girlfriend?

say "son break up with your girlfriend".

My girlfriend of 9 months who I've know for 10 plus years and have been living with is still in love with her ex she doesn't want to break up with me because she doesn't want to hurt me Now what?

Break up with her. She doesn't want to break your heart. Feels like you're a burden on her. No offence.

How do you respond to your college girlfriend of three months' mother inviting you on a cruise with your girlfriend over spring break?

go on the cruise it give u more time with the girlfriend and also give the girlfriend a chance to show her mother how nice her partner is

Your girlfriend and you took a break and you were going out before that and you got back together do you continue counting the days you were together or do you start from 0?

We were going out for 4 months, then we took a break. We got back together. Do we start counting from 4 months or from 0?

What if your girlfriend of five months all of a sudden decides to break up with you wants space but you still talk?

She is looking for someone betterWhat can I do?

Should you break up with your girlfriend if you lasted 6 months with her?

well if you still like her alot then no. but if you don't then tell her your not attracted to her anymore

Why did your girlfriend break up with you by phone?

Most girls do because they are afraid to say it to your face.

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