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yes it could be a build up of dried blood so would class as a hygene problem, or it could be caused by cystytis and or thrush both are treated easily with "over the counter" products

2006-08-10 21:31:58
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Where does the blood from normal periods go?

The blood travels from the uterus out the vagina.

Is it normal for blood to flow out when you scratch your vagina?

No it is not normal at all, unless you are on your periods. Otherwise you need to see a doctor fast as you can.

Is it normal for your vagina to hurt during pregnancy?


Is it normal for a guy to hurt during sex?

It is not normal to get hurt, it could be that the vagina is dry.

White rashes around vagina which clearly visible and from normal skin no pain only itching sensation?

Might be thrush See a doctor.

Is brown discharge any serious disease related to vagina as it causes itching during discharge?

Depends which hole it comes out of.

Can you get an infection from using witch hazel on your vagina?

No hazel , soothes the vagina from itching or pruritus.

What is the imagery Phoebus Phaethon?

This means that vagina is itching

Is it normal for you vagina to hurt during you pregnancy when you 8 months?

Yes it is.

I had sperm inside my vagina during my period Can this lead to pregnancy?

it can there is never an 100 % chane you cant get pregnant , but most likely not Sperm in the vagina during Menstruation (periods) will not lead to pregnancy.

What cures feminine itching?

Try antifungal ointment, and if it is in the vagina, use a a vagina tablet as well.

Can genital herpes cause itching inside the vagina?

Yes it can.

It is a normal to have a small pimple in my vagina?

its a normal to have a pimple in my vagina?

Is it natural to feel blood flow from your vagina during period?

Yes it is normal. Even I also can feel the blood flowing from my vagina

Is it normal for your vagina to be red?

yes its normal. its very normal for your vagina to be a different color then your skin.

What are the symptoms of yeast infections in the vagina?

Symptoms include: * Itching and burning in the vulval area of the vagina * White discharge that has a resemblance to cheese, particularly cottage cheese * Pain during intercourse * Swelling of the vulva itself

Your virgina is itching what is the cause?

It's vagina, not virgina, and you have a yeast infection.

Your female guinea pig is bleeding out its vagina what do you do?

Guinea pigs do not have periods therefore it is not normal for a guinea pig to be bleeding there- take it to a vet pronto.

Is watery liquid coming out during vagina sucking and licking dangerous to health?

no it is normal but if the bee-auch has a vagina disease, i wouldn't recommend doing it.

After a girl has a baby does her vagina go back to normal?

yes. after a woman has had a baby, her vagina will return back to normal and her uterus will return to it's normal size until the next pregnancy. she will also lose the wight she gained during pregnancy

I am 39 weeks pregnant and i have irritation and itching in my vagina?

You could have a yeast infection.

Is washing vagina with baking soda and water help the itching after sex?

YES it does

What stds cause vaginal itching?

Most STDs can make the vagina itch.

What can i do for vaginal itching associated with cancer?

can you use lidocaine prilocaine in side vagina

When pregnant is vaginal itching and swelling normal?

Yes, this is normal when you are pregnant. Your skin is stretching so it will begin to itch. You can use a lot of lotion when this happens.Answer:I doubt the vagina is stretching but you need to get checked out by your obgyn because you might have a yest infection.