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Is java compattable with Windows 8?


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If it wasn't then it wouldn't be an operating system.

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Yes. Java supports Windows 8 (including previous versions Windows).

You may have to install Java runtime support.

Yes! Remember to install Java 64-bit for desktop java applications.

Windows is an operating system whereas Java is a programming language. They are entirely different.

Nowhere, Just Windows-r and type "JAVA"

How can I compile java programs using windows vista text pad?

Several sites offer a free java download for the Windows XP systems these include download.cnet, en.softonic, download crew , java developement and en.kioskea

Mac OS X has Java already installed. You do not need to download it and install it currently, and Java apps should have no problem running. It has to be a real java app, not a Windows exe file compiled that also uses java, that is still a Windows program. When Mac OS X 10.7 comes out, it will not have Java installed by default, and you have to install it manually just like you do on Windows.... just download the Mac version and install.

The only time you need to have Java installed is if you want to run programs written in Java, or visit web pages with embedded Java applets.

Java is cross-platform while .NET is for Windows platforms only.

Java is cross-platform while .NET is for Windows platforms only.

For PC running Windows or Linux go to Macs already have java built-in

Yes. To do so, you can buy the Windows 8 Pro Pack to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro.

Yes it does work on windows 7 but you need Java.

You can download patches and Java and it should work. Update windows.

Windows 8 hasn't released a version of Windows 8 Home Premium. Its only Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Windows 8 Pro is similar to what you were looking for.

Java is portaable, all you need is to have the correct version of java installed.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is exactly as it's titled, it's just a virtual machine... while Windows is an operating system. But since the JVM is used to run Java code, it is multi-platform.

'.java' files contain java source code. One can access these files on windows by using 'notepad'.

You run a Java application on the Windows operating system much like you would on Unix or a Mac environment. You need the Java Runtime Environment or JRE installed. If JRE is enabled in the web browser then Java-enabled web pages will execute. Also, you can invoke the Java executable on target class with main method or JAR file like this: > java -classpath classpath MyClass > java -jar MyJar.jar

It is Java so it works on any platform so yes you can buy on Windows.

Java is a platform independent language. It can be used in all platforms. Ex: windows, unix etc.

Well, I do know that Macs, Linuxes, and Windows computers all support Java, but I do not know if other, lesser-known OSes will support Java.

Asphalt 8 will not be able to run on Windows 7. It can only run on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

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