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No. Undertaker and Kane are in storyline but not in real life.


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No. John Cena and Kane are not brothers.

none them strong cause john cena is strong but not that much people think Kane is strong well he not he just copying undertaker moves :)

It is a joint between Kane,John Cena,Kurt Angle and the undertaker

orton vs sheamus winner randy orton undertaker vs Kane winner undertaker john cena vs wade barret winner john cena

John Cena have never beat The Undertaker

Undertaker will defeat John Cena.he will own john cenaundertaker would kill cena if they ever met in the ring together

"Of course the undertaker is stronger than john cena the undertaker has beat john cena is a one on one match,but john cena has never beating the Undertaker so Undertaker is stronger." Although, counting how many times they work out and how big they are, (in muscle) 'Cena has to be much stronger than the undertaker.

because John cena is a real champion and kane do not wants john cena to become champion

i like John Cena better but Kane is kul xxxx

Yes when undertaker was big evil John cena aa him and cena won the match in 2003

John cena is like 32 or something and undertaker is 45

CM PunkUndertakerJohn CenaTrish StratusTriple HKaneRey MysterioTerry Kane lol

John cena is better because Kane got beaten by MArk henry and John cena beat Mark henry so that proves John Cena is better

Hard to choice but as in skills Undertaker

No, John Cena and Batista are not brothers.

No, John cena has never defeated the undertaker but they have faced off like 3 times

John Cena has 3 brothers.2

john cena will beat the Undertaker Wrestlemania in a i quit match coz john cena nevre gives up but so dos the undertaker i reckon it would be a great match john cena will win and it will be 21.1

They never did because his brother Kane will kill both of them. Undertaker shows off so make you to believe its real thing?

yes john cena is stronger then undertaker because he defeated him in 2009 royal rumble. And the had a match see who got the wwe chapion and john cena one it.

john cena because he rocks i love john cena he's awesome

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