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John Cena is on the Raw Brand.

John Cena is on raw roster and waiting to get his wwe title back from sheamus

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john cena is in raw.....

smackdown undertaker and raw john cena

Cena got drafted to raw in 2005 and 2011 and he got drafted to smackdown in 2011.

John Cena was on Raw and he has been on Raw since being drafted from Smackdown in the summer of 2005.

No. John Cena is top notch talent and he belongs on Raw or Smackdown.

You can see images of John Cena on Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 on the Photo Bucket website. You can also view videos of John Cena in action on the YouTube website.

john cena is a thug during his debut on smackdown but now on raw, he is a soldier in the marines.

john cena is in the navy becaus in smackdown vs raw 2008 cena entrance he does the navy sign lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll .

john cena won raw edge won smackdown!

2010 rosterJohn Cena (Raw)Batista (Smackdown - Raw)Sheamus (Raw)Chris Jericho (Smackdown - Raw)Edge (Smackdown - Raw - Smackdown)Big Show (Smackdown - Raw - Smackdown)The Miz (Raw)John Morrsion (Smackdown - Raw)R-Truth (Smackdown - Raw)Rey Mysterio (Smackdown)The Undertaker (Smackdown)Jack Swagger (Smackdown)CM Punk (Smackdown - Raw)Triple H (Raw)Shawn Michaels (Raw)Mark Henry (Raw)MVP (Raw - Smackdown)Luke Gallows (Smackdown)Finlay (Smackdown)

Why would you do that? John Cena is already in the game as a playable character.

There is no such thing as smackdown vs raw 2004.

Raw cause it is awesome and has John Cena and DX on it!

Smackdown. He is the guy that keeps the show running. If he were drafted to RAW, then Smackdown will fall as most of the popular wrestlers are on RAW(Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena etc.)

(2011) The strongest man in wwe is the undertaker and john cena in smackdown it's the undertaker and on raw it's john cena.

Rey Mysterio was drafted into raw, Big Show was drafted into Raw, John Cena was drafted into Smackdown, and Mark Henry was drafted into Smackdown

I don't think so he's such a big part of RAW. He'll finish his career on RAW

John Cena won the raw one and Edge won the smackdown one

John Cena. He was drafted to Smackdown and then drafted back to Raw.

No Because On Smackdown They Said That John Was Lucky To Be Alivealso last night on raw i saw john cena yell at jblwhat do u mean wat happen wit cena

at the last smackdown vs raw sit up/ push up contest john cena, (raw) did 112 push ups and 116 sit ups. he came second to batista (smackdown) who did 117 push ups and 119 sit ups

John Cena-Raw chamber Triple h-Smackdown chamber

john cena debut on smackdown

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