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Initially no, but when I visited in October of 2015 I was able to access it. However, not sure as of today

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no clothing is NOt allowed in china

"How many" you're allowed in China only depends on what the project is.

* A network of tracts that allowed for trade in and out of China * A road that connected India and China * A road that allowed China to trade with other countries * Helped spread religions

In China, each family is allowed one child. In some cities, if you have more than one child, it will be killed.

In China the woman is allowed to have on child and if she becomes pregnant a second time then she either oborts the infant or is incarcerated.

Of course you can have long hair in China. China doesn't have rules like that.

The people are allowed to have two children without penalty.

Of the few countries where euthanasia is legal, China is not one of them. So no, officially euthanasia is not legal in China.

Only one party is allowed in the People's Republic of China. The party is Communist Party of China.

Any colour, its a free country in China

about 10 to 20 kids are allowed in one house in china

Education in ancient China was that aristocrat's children were allowed to attend school.

yes i think china should pollute in the way it does.

they are only allowed to have 2 kids

a network of tracts that allowed for trade in and out of china

symbolic adoptions are allowed.

Everywhere. China is so big that you are only allowed one child. If your first child is a girl you are allowed one more child. Did you know that in china one child is born every minute. In rural areas people are usually allowed to have more than one child.

the silk road facilitated trade between china and europe

there only allowed to have one child

everyone above 18 years of age

Falun Gong on 20 July 1999 .

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