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Kate Voegele appears on One Tree Hill often, and is casted for the 9th season of One Tree Hill.

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Yes, Kate Voegele is a non-denominational Christian. She is a popular singer and also an actress. She has appeared on the television show, One Tree Hill.

if I'm not mistaken, it's season 6 episode 20 :D

Voegele, the singer-songwriter and sometime actress ("One Tree Hill") who turned 30 on December 8, 2016, began writing and performing songs in high school in Ohio.

Kate Voegele's birth name is Kate Elizabeth Voegele.

Kate Voegele was born on December 8, 1986.

Kate Voegele is around 5'3 - 5'4 no more, no less!

Kate Voegele on facebook is the last account ! I can assure that she's the real Kate Vogele !!

She is a singer/songwriter from Ohio. She plays Mia on One Tree Hill, Mia is Peyton's music artist. go to or to find out more! One Tree Hill was her first ever acting Job.

Kate Voegele is 31 years old (birthdate: December 8, 1986).

Another artist that remind me of kate voegele is Ingrid Michaelson

There are a couple. There is Haley James Scott, who is played by Bethany Joy Galeotti, and then there is a newer character, Mia Catalano, who is played by Kate Voegele.

Kate Voegele, "It's Only Life" Kate Voegele, "It's Only Life"

Kate Voegele was born on December 8, 1986.

Yes she smokes. I have seen it with my own eyes.

yes by boys P.S the song explances it

"Emotional Champ" by New Buffalo"Go for a Walk" by Goodmornings"Just to Be There" by Chase Emery"Kindly Unspoken" by Kate Voegele"Mahabharata" by Radio America"Silver Lining" by Rilo Kiley"Something's Got Me Started" by Swingfly"Time Won't Let Me Go" by The Bravery

Forver and Always-Taylor Swift, Forever and Almost Always-Kate Voegele, Forever and Always- Parachute

Kate Voegle sang it on One Tree Hill the iTunes version only has one by Allison Crowe which is identical

she is a actris she is most famous for being HALEY JAMES SCOTT out of ONE TREE HILL a seven season hit tv show showing mondays 10pm on E4 she was discuvered by huge music labels in 2007 and now has a album if you youtube her he a few of her songs are titled WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE , FEEL THIS ,and she is also the writer of the song HALO which beyonce knowls now sings also Tobe fair Bethany joy galleoti is one of my favorite artists followed by KATE VOEGELE kate is amazing you should cheack her out .xx.

Lisa Wheelous has: Played Kate in "One Tree Hill" in 2003. Played Family Member in "One Tree Hill" in 2003. Played Prom Date in "One Tree Hill" in 2003. Played Party guest in "Reinventing the Wheelers" in 2007. Played Girlfriend in "October Road" in 2007. Played Wedding Guest in "Not Since You" in 2009. Played Film Crew Member in "Necessary Roughness" in 2011.

Violet Hill is the correct name. It's off Viva La Vida. ~Kate G.

The Cure.. The Ramones.. The Used.. The Strokes.. Billy Squire.. NoFX.. AudioSlave.. Honarary Title.. Kate Voegele (Mia Catallano) Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haylie J-Scott) Jose Gonzalez.. Enough There?! =]

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