Is keanu reeve gay

Updated: 3/27/2022
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Keanu is not very clear about his sexual orientation. Back in 1990 he declared to Interview magazine that he is straight. But after a short pause joked about it by saying: "But ya never know".

Keanu Reeves to USA Today: "I don't know why anyone cares [if I'm gay], and I don't know if it matters or not. I just, uh, I don't - it's, you know, the whole aspect of coming out. I mean, there is a whole - people, you know, who are gay [who] have decided that it can be - that whole thing about calling people out - and you have to share that, because there needs to be an equality and a lack of prejudice, and you need to have a voice, so, I mean, it's important, but I'm not involved in those dynamics and I have no point of view on it."

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Q: Is keanu reeve gay
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