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On top of the hill the bike would have potential energy. If released, by letting the bike roll downhill, it'd turn into kinetic energy as the bike picks up speed.

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Q: Is kinetic energy energy stored in a bicycle at the top of a hill?
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Energy stored in a bicycle at the top of a hill?

The energy stored in a bicycle at the top of a hill is potential energy, which is due to its position relative to the ground. This potential energy can be converted into kinetic energy as the bike descends the hill and gains speed.

Is rolling down a hill potential or kinetic energy?

Yes, because potential energy is energy stored but kinetic is energy in motion.

A boy on a bicycle is resting at the top of a hill. Then, he rides his bicycle down the hill. Describe how the boy’s potential and kinetic energy differ at the top, middle, and bottom of the hill.?

At the top of the hill, the boy has high potential energy due to his elevated position. As he rides down, his potential energy decreases and his kinetic energy increases, reaching its maximum at the bottom of the hill. At the bottom, his potential energy is low, while his kinetic energy, which is the energy of motion, is highest.

What type of energy destroys other energies?

Nuclear energy can destroy other energies, as seen in nuclear reactions where energy is released by breaking apart atomic nuclei. This high-energy release can overpower and break down other forms of energy, converting them into different states.

Is a bicycle coasting on a level sidewalk potential or kinetic energy?

kinetic because it is using force. it would be potential if it was at the top of a hill.

A bicycle rider is traveling up a hill. When the rider reaches the top of the hill, she stops to rest.then she travels down the hill. Which one describes it?

When the rider is at the top of the hill, her potential energy is the greatest, and her kinetic energy is the least.

When a ball stops moving does it lose its energy?

It loses it's kinetic energy, the energy of motion. If it were logded against a rock on a hill, it has potential energy stored because of it's position on the hill.

Why is a rock on the top of a hill kinetic energy?

A rock on top of a hill has potential energy, not kinetic energy. If it starts rolling down the hill then the potential energy transforms to kinetic energy.

What type of energy exists in a ball sitting on top of a hill?

kinetic energy

Riding a bike down a hill is comparable to which type of process?

Riding a bike down a hill can be compared to a spontaneous process in thermodynamics where energy is transferred from a higher state to a lower state, similar to a system moving from a high potential energy to a lower potential energy.

Does a stepper hill have more kinetic energy?

i think a stepper hill has more kinetic energy

What type of energy conversion is happening when a bicycle is being push up hill?

When a bicycle is being pushed uphill, the energy conversion happening is primarily from the chemical energy stored in the muscles of the cyclist to mechanical energy to propel the bicycle up the hill. Additionally, there is some frictional energy being converted from mechanical energy to heat energy due to the resistance between the tires and the road surface.