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King snakes are good pets for snake owners, and they are good natured, so they are not dangerous.

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Do rattlesnakes eat kingsnakes?

No, but kingsnakes will eat rattlesnakes.

Are California kingsnakes poisonis?

no they are not

Are kingsnakes invertebrates?

No. they are reptiles

How do kingsnakes defend themself?

it doesn't

How do kingsnakes reproduce?

They lay eggs.

What are special adaptations for black kingsnakes?


Does kingsnakes eat other snakes?


Are Kingsnakes safe around dogs?


Were do scarlet kingsnakes live?

south eastern US

How do desert kingsnakes reproduce?

The kingsnake lays eggs.

Are kingsnakes carnivores or omnivores?

They are carnivores - as are all snakes.

How many babies does a prairie kingsnake have?

Prairie kingsnakes are dietary generalists and feed on a wide variety of prey. Mammals, birds, birds eggs, snakes, lizards, frogs, and reptile eggs have been reported as food. Prairie kings, like other kingsnakes, will eat venomous snakes. They are immune to the venom of North American venomous snakes and such snakes will use other methods to escape kingsnakes. Instead of striking, the the venomous species will throw loops of coils at the kingsnake in an attempt to bat the head and make a quick escape. Prairie kingsnakes are even known to consume other prairie kingsnakes (Smith, 1961). Kingsnakes are constrictors; killing their prey by suffocation before devouring it.

What Kind of snakes eat other snakes?

Kingsnakes and cobras.

What reptile starts with a d?

Dinosaur and Durango Mountain Kingsnakes :)

How long do Mexican black kingsnakes get?

they get about 45 inches (adult)

Why can kingsnakes eat rattlesnakes?

Rattlesnakes are not toxic to eat unless the predator has open wounds or ulcers in it alimentary canal. The venom is only dangerous if it reaches the internal tissues by injection - by being bitten. Kingsnakes routinely eat other snakes, even their own kind or rattlesnakes. They are also immune to the venom of rattlesnake.

Where can you find California kingsnakes?

California,of course! And pet shops and zoos.

Is the kingsnake poisonous?

No snake is poisonous, but some are venomous. Kingsnakes are not venomous.

Do Mojave rattlesnakes have predators?

Yes. They are prey to hawks, eagles, and kingsnakes.

Are kingsnakes poisonous?

no though are immune to rattlesnake venom and eats snakes too

What is a good starter snake?

Kingsnakes or Ball Pythons are excellent starter snakes.

Where can you buy California kingsnakes?

Local petshops, Reptile Expos, Craigslist, Internet Sites

What is a Scarlet Kingsnakes habitat?

Scarlet King Snakes, habitats are pinelands, and hardwood hammocks.

What is some info about desert kingsnakes?

A king snake is useful to man as it eats rats.

Does a king snake give live birth or lay eggs?

Kingsnakes lay eggs.

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