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Is klonipin a barbiturate?

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NO-- it's a benzodiazapine-- used for sedation and's prescribed for nerves and seizures

2006-07-20 06:55:11
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Is phenobarbital a barbiturate?

Yes it is a barbiturate particularly the prototype drug of barbiturate category.

Is Vicodin a barbiturate?

No Vicodin is not a barbiturate

Can you take klonipin and methadone together?

klonipin and methadone can i take both together

Is Oxycontin a barbiturate?

No, oxycontin is not a barbiturate, it is an opioid.

Is morphine a example of a barbiturate?

No, morphine is not a barbiturate.

Does b12 have barbiturate?

No, vitamin B12 is not a barbiturate

Is maxalt a barbiturate?

No, Maxalt is a triptan, not a barbiturate.

How long do klonipin stay in your system?

"How long do klonipin stay in your system?" and does klonipin test positive in a drug test, and if so is it cocaine or barbituates or opiates even?

Is esgic plus a barbiturate?

Esgic plus is a barbiturate.

Is hydroxyzine a barbiturate?

No, the medication named Hydroxyzine is not a barbiturate. In fact, it's one of the only tranquilizers that is classified as a non-barbiturate.

Is morphine a barbiturate?

No, it is not a barbiturate it is related to Narcotic analgesicNo. It's an opiate.

Do klonipin contain sulfates?


Is phenytoin a barbiturate?

No, it is related to substituted pyrimidine derivative which has similar action to that of Barbiturate but doesn't belong to barbiturate, phenyton related to group of Hydantoins.

Is Zantac a barbiturate?

No it is not barbiturate it is related to H2 Blockers (for peptic Ulcer problem)

Will pain pills show up as barbiturate on drug test?

If they are barbiturate based then they will.

Is celexia a barbiturate?

need to know if the medication called celexia or by the namecitalopram is considered as a barbiturate

Is Cymbalta a barbiturate?


Is amitriptyline a barbiturate?


Are somas a Barbiturate?


Is Nortriptyline a barbiturate?


Is ecstasy a barbiturate?


Is barbiturate an opioid?


Is abilify a barbiturate?


Is tegretol a barbiturate?

No it is not

Is flexril a barbiturate?

No, Flexeril is not a barbiturate. It is a muscle relaxant that is prescribed for the treatment of skeletal muscle conditions.