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Q: Is labor to repair felt on a Teddy Bear Taxable In Massachusetts?
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Is labor taxable in Arizona?

It is when it comes to home improvement or repair, 65% of the total material and labor is taxed according to your city, county.

Do you pay sales tax on labor in Texas?

Yes. Everything is taxable in Texas. There's no tax on labor to repair a motor vehicle.

Is labor taxable in Illinois?

No. Labor is not taxable in the state of Illinois.

Is remodel labor taxed in Missouri?

Repair labor, if separately stated, is not taxable. Fabrication or production labors are subject to sales tax, even when separately stated.

Is labor taxable in North Carolina?

Is labor taxable in the state of north carolina

Do you owe Sales Tax on labor in Missouri?

Repair labor, if separately stated, is not taxable. Fabrication or production labors are subject to sales tax, even when separately stated.

Who is a taxable person and why is the tax year importat to them?

Why is my labor taxable

What is sales tax on auto labor in Illinois?

Labor is not taxable.

Is car labor taxable in Florida?

Yes! All services are taxable in Florida.

Is labor taxable in Washington D.C.?


Is labor taxable in Kentucky?

All Kentucky residents are required to pay Individual Income Tax on all revenues they earn. Labor is taxable in Kentucky if it is not listed separately on the invoice.

Can you buy alcohol in Massachusetts on Labor Day?

Yes, you can buy alcohol in Massachusetts on Labor Day.

Is labor taxable in North Dakota?

Yes, yes it is.

Is per diam taxable with labor in FL?


Is labor taxable in California?

An auctioner charger 10 percent fee on a sale(10% commision). Is the fee taxable in california?

Is labor on auto repairs taxable for sales tax in Tennessee?


What is the sales tax on labor in NY?

Many services, such as labor, are generally taxable in New York state. Installation, repair and maintenance are considered taxable services. New York has a destination based sales tax, so the sales tax varies depending on the location you perform the services. New York has different rates for each county, city, and special district, so you will need a tax rate calculator to determine the proper tax rate to collect. Y

Can you buy beer in Massachusetts on Labor Day?

Yes, you can buy beer in Massachusetts on Labor Day. Massachusetts law states that liquor cannot be sold on Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Liquor may be sold on in Massachusetts on all other holidays.

Who was the first President to side with labor workers?

teddy roosevelt

Is there sales tax on labor in NC?

Yes and no. According to the NC Department of Revenue Sales and Use Tax Technical Bulletin 41 dated 07/01/2007, "Sales to users or consumers of tangible personal property, including articles fabricated by the vendor, which the vendor contracts to install are subject to the sales or use tax and persons making such sales must register with the Department and collect and remit all tax due. If the vendor makes a charge for installing articles of tangible personal property which he sells, the charge for installation will not be subject to tax provided it is in addition to the sales price of the property and is stated separately on the customer's invoice and in the vendor's records. If the installation charge is not separately stated, the entire amount will be taxable." The cited history of this law is "Authority G.S. 105-164.4; 105-164.6; 105-264; Issued: June 1, 1996." In construction, labor is generally part of what is termed a "performance contract." As such, it is also taxable, provided it is not listed separately. See Technical Bulletin 31. Labor on auto repair is also taxable unless it is listed separately. See Technical Bulletin 35. You may see a trend here. Generally speaking, all tangible personal property and labor to install or repair that property is taxable. Only if the business lists the labor as a separate item is the labor not taxable, and there are a number of exceptions to this. You have to check the appropriate Technical Bulletin to determine the exact situation.

Are new roofs subject to pa sales tax?

Yes and no. The cost of the roofing materials (shingles) is subject to sales tax. The cost of the installation labor is not taxable. See this page on the PA Revenue site: " Labor charges to install or repair items that become part of real estate are not taxable. This would include installation of such items as a water heater, boiler, or new roof."

What was Massachusetts use of slave labor?

Massachusetts outlawed slavery in the 1700's. So, they didn't have slaves.

Where can I learn about Massachusetts labor laws online?

A website was found with very clear links to certain issues regarding Massachusetts Labor Law. This website is

What is a good website to view the labor laws in Massachusetts?

You can check out information about labor laws in Massachusetts at This site covers everything you'll want to know.

Do you pay sales tax on labor in Connecticut?

The short answer is...labor only, probably not. But CT really looks at things on a type of industry basis (so janitorial services are taxable for it really depends. Labor inherrent in a service is frequently taxable. Try the link: