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No! Lake Balaton is not salty! It has a unique water texture, very silky, smooth, similar feeling as soapy water has. It is worth the trip alone, not to mention the food! :) Also the shore is amazing, the trees and the grass is just the perfect set up for a lake vacation!

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What is the area of Lake Balaton?

The area of Lake Balaton is 592 square kilometers.

Where is Lake Balaton?

In Hungary

Is lake balaton a fresh water lake?

Yes, Lake Balaton, located in Hungary, is a freshwater lake. It is 48 miles in length, and has an average depth of 10 feet.

Where is Lake Balaton in Europe?


What is the Biggest lake in europa?


The lake situated to the south west of budapest?


What Seas are in Hungary?

There are no seas. The biggest lake is Balaton.

Gibt es Und Nächstes Jahr Am Balaton auf DVD?

This means: Next year will there be Lake Balaton available on DVD?

What is the distance between Vienna and Lake Balaton?

160 miles

What is the largest lake in Hungary and central Europe?

Lake Balaton (type in gg just: Balaton) It is beautifull, and has well developed surrounding. In summer the waters temperature can go over 30 degree.

Which is the largest lake in the world?

Lake Baikal has the most water in it...Balaton in Hungary the Caspian Sea

Is lake Balaton in Hungary the largest lake in Europe?

No, it is the Caspian Sea which is located partly in Europe and partly in Asia.

What countries border the Balaton lake?

Balaton Lake is located in west central Hungary southwest of Budapest. It is 78 kilometers wide, with an area of 592 square kilometers. It is not bordered by any countries because it is in the central part of Hungary.

What is the distance from lake balaton to Vienna?

It is about a 2-3 hour drive depending on where you are going!

What land locked European nation is home to the largest lake in centeral Europe?

Hungary is home to Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe.

Where is the Balaton Community Library in Balaton located?

The address of the Balaton Community Library is: 134 3Rd Street, Balaton, 56115 0326

Where is the Balaton Area Historical Society in Balaton Minnesota located?

The address of the Balaton Area Historical Society is: 2179 170Th Street, Balaton, MN 56115-3135

What are some rivers lakes seas and oceans of Hungary?

Lake Balaton Lake Neusiedl Lake Hévíz Aporliget River Atea River Balcaia River Danube River

What is the phone number of the Balaton Community Library in Balaton?

The phone number of the Balaton Community Library is: 507-734-2034.

What actors and actresses appeared in Balaton Szandra - 2011?

The cast of Balaton Szandra - 2011 includes: Balaton Szandra as herself

What is a large lake in Salt Lake City?

The Great Salt Lake is near Salt Lake City.

Why is Salt Lake City called salt lake?

Salt lake city is called salt lake because it is near the Great Salt Lake filled with tons of salt. I know...I've been in it!

When was Balaton - car - created?

Balaton - car - was created in 1956.

Is Great Salt Lake a lake?

Yes, the Great Salt Lake is a lake.

Is the Great Salt Lake in Utah a salt lake?

The Great Salt Lake is located in the northern part of Utah. It is the largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere.

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