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Is lamotrigine ever used to treat depression or ADHD?

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Depression yes, I'm currently prescribed this amongst other meds for treatment resistant severe major depressive disorder.

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Does Dementia or Alzheimer's ever manifest itself as being similar to ADHD?

Dementia and Alzheimer's can have many manifestations. These can include memory loss, agitation, depression and the inability to focus on a task.

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Some of them do.

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How can ADHD symptoms exist without having ADHD?

Everyone has ADHD to a certain extent. Do you ever feel jittery, impatient, or distracted? People often only get diagnosed when these symptoms are so intense that they interfere with everyday life.

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Yes. Depression doesn't prevent you from ever laughing.

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How do you get out of servere depression?

Severe depression usually responds to a combination treatment of medication and therapy. Medication helps to remove some of the more physical symptoms of depression (fatigue, trouble sleeping, appetite problems, etc) so that the patient has the energy and the will to work hard in therapy. However, if the patient makes no effort to change his/her thought processes or behavior, it's very difficult to ever get out of depression. Antidepressants alone cannot fully treat depression - they're just one part of the treatment.

What is a natural way to treat depression?

There are many ways you can treat depression with out having to turn to depression medicine. What ever your depression is, try taking something you love, or is benificial to your health, or you find that is pleasing and or relaxing and do those things. Try to break yourself from those habits of "not wanting to" or " not in the mood to do". It might seem hard but, if you keep telling yourself that "I can do it" or " I will do it" you will start to believe that you can and you will. Think back to before the depression startsd to settle in and try to utilize the good times. Then was a happier you and all you have to do is forgive whatever has caused you this pain and even if its yourself, ask ( whom ever it may be that you pray to ) to help you in your times of doubt. Start a new ritual in the mornings, wake up 30 minutes eariler to see the sun rise in to the sky and tell yourself that you are going to have a beautiful day. And may my God bless whom ever this person might be dealing with depression because it is not something i look forward to being any day soon. If my strtagie does not work please go to someone of profession who will make things better.

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What is inside a 20 mg Adderall?

I just gotta ask. Have you ever heard of Google search? You should get your brain checked out, but anyways. Adderall contains Amphetamine. Amphetamine is similar to Desoxy-Ephedrine (MethAmphetamine) It 's used to treat ADD/ADHD mainly, Same goes for MethAmphetamine, you can get a prescription for it. The brand name is Desoxyn.