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Lars is in Tekken 6 console version, and Tekken 6 BR arcade version. The only one which Lars doesn't appear in is the Tekken 6 arcade version.

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When will be Tekken 6 BR available in PSP?

It should be since Tekken DR was on the PSP AND that it says in the trailers what consoles its going to be on and PSP is one of them.

In tekken 6 BR are the characters only Alisa and Lars?

No, you can play as every character in the Tekken series, you can even play as some brand new characters.

When will tekken 6 br for psp release?

It was release in Europe just before chirstmas 2009

What is the difference between Tekken 6 and Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion?

In Tekken 6, a lot of moves are very strong with strong juggles and if you are a real player or Tekken you will notice the imbalance of that. For example, for Kazuya's d/b+4 move is always a critical hit and his wall hit, bounce and then u/f +4,4,4,4 is a sure hit so that alone is not balanced with other players. There are also moves that are not balanced in Tekken 6 that's why in Tekken 6 BR, they changed these moves and also in BR they added 4 new characters which are also balanced ones, Lars and Alisa.

Can psp play tekken 6 br scanerio mode?

No, there is no scenario mode in Tekken 6 for psp

Is tekken 6 bloodline rebellion be on ps3?

Yes, Tekken 6 BR will be on PS3, Xbox 360 and psp. There will be 40 CHARACTERS man that will be awesome! Including new characters such as Leo, Zafina, Bob, Miguel, Alisa, Lars, Eddy, Lili and Jack 6. But there will be Azazel ( unplayable boss ) and that robot thing.

Is there a tekken 6 on PSP?

Yes Tekken 6 is on PSP. Even the Tekken 6 BR version can be played in PSP. There's a certain framware version that can read the game in PSP. It must not be below 5.3.

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How do you use azazel in tekken 6 BR?

Azazel is the only character you can't play as. I've beaten the game and gotten all of the achievements and there is no way to unlock him. You can however still unlock devil jin like in tekken 5 and he kicks more butt.

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