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Is lead found in any compound?

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It's found in quite a few compounds.

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What element is most commonly found as a compound of lead?

Oxygen is most commonly found as a compound of lead. Three such common compounds are lead monoxide, lead dioxide and lead tetroxide.

What elements are there in lead dioxide?

Lead and oxygen are the elements in lead dioxide.

What are the compound usually found in helium?

helium doesn't form any compound

Does lead pencil contain lead in any form if yes what is name and formula or lead compound if there is no lead in leaded pencils why they are called so?

No, the "lead" is graphite.

What is the definition of a biochemical compound?

A biochemical compound is any carbon based compound found in living things.

Is a lead iodide a compound or element?

Lead iodide is a compound.

Is lead natural or man made?

Lead is an element and is natural, but is not often found in its pure state. It is usually found in an ore that has a lead compound and a mixture of other compounds of other metals. It is then refined to produce more pure lead metal.

Is lead a element or a compound?


What is the compound of lead and sulfur?

Lead sulphate (PbSO4) is the most common compound of lead and sulphur. Lead sulphide (PbS) is an ionic compound of lead and sulphur that is used in certain electronic applications.Lead Sulphide (PbS)

Is lead weights a compound?

No - lead weights are usually fairly pure lead and thus an element and not a compound.

What is the charge on lead in the compound PbI4?

This compound is lead IV iodide. Therefore the charge on lead is a -4.

What compound is PbCl2?

PbCl2 this compound is lead chloride. analysing compounds is easier with a periodic table which can be found on the Internet, or at the back of a chemistry student textbook.

What is the name of the lead compound found in regular Gasoline?

Teta-ethyl Lead.... But they rarely use that anymore because of its toxicity. Additives found in most of the gas are now hydrocarbons ethers and alcohol.

What is the Bohr diagram of the compound of lead chloride?

PbCl4 is the formula of the compound lead chloride.

Is Lead iodide a compound or a mixture?


Does lead combine with any other elements to create a compound?

No lead does not combine with any other is one of the only dangerous elements therefor it would be a hazard

Is lead a compound or element?

Lead is an element

Is lead an element or compound?

Lead is an element

Is lead a compound metal?

no,lead is an element......

What is lead oxide?

a compound of lead and oxygen

What is one compound in which helium can be found in?

helium cannot be found in any compounds. it is chemically inert

What is the chemical formula for the compound between lead ii and bromine?

This compound is lead bromide - PbBr2.

Is lead nitrate and element compound or mixture?


Is PbO2 a compound or element?

It is Lead Oxide a compound

What is the compound element of lead (II) nitrite?

This question is misguided. Firstly, Lead forms only the nitrate. Secondly, the phrase 'compound element' is meaningless. A compound is composed of elements. Lead nitrate is a compound composed of the elements lead, nitrogen and oxygen.