Is leading an adjective

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it depends on how you use it. if you write "The President leads the country" it is a verb. but if you use it to describe something, it would be an adjective like in the sentence "Can you hand me the lead pencil?" what pencil? The lead pencil. it can also be a noun like "Lead is heavy."

Therefore, lead can be an verb, adjective, or noun.

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It can be (leading edge, leading role).

It is the present participle of the verb (to lead) and can function as an adjective or a noun (gerund).

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Q: Is leading an adjective
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The word leading is a verb form and a gerund (noun). It can be used as an adjective, but not an adverb. The rarely seen adverb form is "leadingly."

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Leading is a verb. "The farmer was leading the bull by the nose." Leading can also be an adjective. "Pete was a leading light in the Glee Club." Leading is also a noun (pronounced 'ledding'), meaning the amount of lead between lines of print in the old printing presses, or the lead holding pieces of stained glass window together.

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