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lemon today is considered a vegetable.

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Is a lemon a fruit or vegetable and why?

Lemon is a fruit because it had seeds.

Is lemon grass a vegetable?

no,its a herb

Is a lemon a vegetable?

No, it is a citrus fruit.

What vegetable has the most water in it?


Is lemon a vegetable or fruit?

A lemon is seed bearing, so it is a fruit.

Are lemons a vegetable?

A lemon is considered a fruit.

Is lemon a fruit or a vegetable?


Which fruit or vegetable has the most active acid?


What vegetable makes a good battery?

potato, lemon (not a "vegetable" but works well!) but it also depends how you use it

What is the best vegetable to make energy?

either a lemon or orange

Vegetable name with da word ending in TAR?

A vegetable name with the word ending in TAR is chakotar. This vegetable is a kind of lemon, although larger in size.

Fruit or vegetable starting with letter L?


What fruit or vegetable produces the most amount of electricity?

a lemon because of the acid

How do you cut a lemon rind?

Lemon rinds are cut with a sharp knife. If a recipe calls for "lemon zest," which is only the outermost bright yellow portion of the lemon rind, one should use a tool called a "lemon zester," a small grater or a very sharp vegetable peeler.

What fruit or vegetable conducts the most electricity?

Lime or lemon depending on the size of the fruit.

What are the chemicals in mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise contain eggs, vegetable oil, vinegar, lemon juice, salt.

What kind of fruit or vegetable start from a letter L?

the fruit that starts with a letter l is a lemon

What food is made with lemon juice eggs yolk and vegetable oil?

mayonnaise is made with these ingredients

Is a lemon a fruit or a vegetable?

FruitIt contains seeds.a lemon is a fruit but can be considered a vegtableA lemon is a fruit because it has a seed....the fastest way to tell if something is a fruit or veggi is if it has a seed, if it has a seed it is a fruit :)

Could you use any other fruits or vegetable to make energy than potatoes?

yes a lemon

What happens when you add salt to vegetable oil?

When you add salt to vegetable oil, the salt will clump to the bottom. It doesn't dissolve. It requires you to use a further additive, such as lemon juice, to fully mix the two. You won't necessarily have salty vegetable oil.

What the ingredents in Mayonnaise?

Real mayonnaise is made from vegetable oil, egg yolks (an emulsifier), mustard and lemon juice or vinegar.

A vegetable name in Hindi which end with ter in Hindi?

Mutter (peas), tamatar(tomato), chakotar(kind of a big lemon)

Which fruit juice is used for secret writing?

This is the question that very commonly confuses people. The main answer to this question is lemon juice. I think you would prrobably be asking your self "Is this person feeling ok!" Well it has been proven that lemon is a fruit not a vegetable. It has seeds and it grows on a tree. Therefore making it a fruit not a vegetable.

Vegetable name that ends with 'TAR'?

butter is wrong. right the 3rd vegetable name is lottar the third vegetable that ends with 'tar' is 'chakotar' (a kind of lemon but in larger size) and 'chakotar' is also the name of the bird that ends with 'tar', it is a bird that watches moon

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